CCP hates returning players

So I decided to log back in after a long time away only to find that I am stuck in a triglavion station, if I leave I get attacked and I cant even use any of the gates to get out of the system.

Finally I figured out how to get out of the system but the device thing I used dropped me out in .3 sec space, WTF! so then I had to make like 25 jumps back to caldari secure space.

All my stuff is still stuck in a triglavion station.

My return has sucked ass. This is insane.


Have you tried submitting a support ticket and (politely) explaining to the GMs your circumstances and whether or not they could help?

Or did you just come straight here to whine?


I cam here to wine, this is ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to spend hours trying to get to a place were I can play the game. Who thought it was a good idea to strand players and their belongings?
Fun factor is ZERO right now, this is bad design and bad management.


Props for your honesty.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Did you just switch alts for this? lmao

But seriously, put in a support ticket.

I’m only like 40% certain that this was not the primary intent of CCP when they introduced a new set of expansions for the EVE Online universe.

Or did you expect them to keep the game exactly the same way as it was until you decided to show up again?

No, stick around long enough and you will join my conspiracy club that is convinced CCP is trying to make us hate our experience so much we leave. They call these updates [when they announce them at all].

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Yes, because you’re having a bit of a hard time …
… automatically CCP hates all returning players.

Because, obviously, you are their representative …
… and apparently a very intelligent one.

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Sometimes you leave for a while, and when you come back, things are different.

I mean, just the other week I came home from a long day at work, and found my locks changed, a few of my clothes in a box on the front lawn, my wife having sex with another man on the kitchen counter that I worked so hard to assemble before I left, and my dog growling at me from the porch.

Things changing is just a natural part of life, friend. You can waste your time, energy, and nerves on complaining, or you can focus on finding solutions that will let you adapt to your situation as quickly as possible.


Wasn’t there like, 4 other threads saying the exact same thing? A simple search would have shown something and a solution.


Tbh it sounds fun.

Shame I stayed aware and moved my activities to other systems, really.

Pearl Abyss bought CCP games in 2018. Welcome to nerf online. Expect much worst in the near future.

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CCP 2020. :psyccp:

And everywhere else too…

As noted above me, They were bought, then if you knew CCP Falcon from the forums, he said everything will be fine, and if he feels EVE is done, he will leave, then he was out in a year or so. Thats telling.


Rare exceptions aside, if these kinds of people were capable of finding solutions to likely any of their problems …
… they wouldn’t be posting in the first place.

They’re not wired that way at all.

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Didn’t he actually say that he leaves in case the blackout gets lifted?

Im CCP, i Love returning players

i have to say that if i was going to take a break from EVE and left all my stuff in a HS station for my return i would reasonably expect it to be there when i came back. But i agree that his first response should have been a petition for some GM help.

jezeli Ty zabierasz graczom logujacym sie do gry po dwoch, pieciu, dziesieciu latach to co mieli przed wylogowaniem sie to to nie jest fajne ccp… nie jestem ccp tutaj… legacy is untaken for you

That I dont know, only knew his reply and declaration in AMA.
He replied to Mike Azariah.

I’m very upbeat, and very enthusiastic about what the future holds.

You know me as well as anyone in the community Mike, I don’t screw around when I’m talking to people and I’m very direct if I don’t like something.

This is a really good move for CCP, and it’s a really good time for it to happen. There are a lot of opportunities to be had. Pearl Abyss sound like they’ll be great to work with, and I’m super interested to see what we can learn from eachother.

I’ve always said that if I ever lose faith in the future of our titles, mainly EVE as that’s where I’m focused and born from in terms of being at CCP, that’ll it’ll be the time that I check out and move on to do other things.


So you’re the one responsible for the shoddy assembly. The medical bill is in the post.

I drank your last beer too.


Did you had to find a cardboard box and a piece of sidewalk to sleep?

Because I noticed many previously homeless people playing EVE.

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