How do you exit out of wormholes?

Hey all I am doing the exploration thing looking for sites etc. I have 8 probes onboard with the usual data and relic analyzers etc. I just recently came back and have not been in a wormhole. My question is what is on other side and once in how do I get out ? Or am I going to be stuck there lol?

The other side could be empty, could have 100’s of people waiting to gank you, could have PvE sites to run etc.

Once in the hole you will need to scan everything down to find it, and be constantly mashing your d-scan to make sure you are not about to be ganked.

I would suggest book marking the hole out as soon as you enter, because you could find another 5 holes within the hole and easily get lost.

Its not for the faint of heart, but can be very rewarding! My recommendation is to fit a basic (cheap) ship that can scan for your first attempt.

Good luck.

edit if you are adverse to exploring where someone is likely already living, wormholes that are “K162” signatures when you are near them, have been opened from the other side.

The wormhole is just a tunnel. It’s the equivalent of 2 star gates connected together, that you can pass through to get to another solar system. Only difference is that they’re temporary, and they’re randomly all over the place rather than in the same spot every time.

So what you’ll find on the other side is a solar system, star, planets, moons, asteroid belts, exploration sites with NPCs and loot, player PI customs offices, player bases / citadels, and player ships flying around. It’s not much different from 0.0 space (no Concord, anyone can shoot anyone, etc.).

Open the map and look at the galaxy. 5000 stars, connected by gates. Imagine another galaxy of 2500 stars floating above it. These 2500 stars are permanent, fixed, not changing. But instead of the gate connection lines that you see on the normal map, these stars are connected by flickering lines (wormhole tunnels) that change every 16 hours.

The wormholes don’t change randomly. Each star system has random wormholes, but also has “statics”, wormholes that will always go to high sec, low sec, null, or other specific w-space stars. A high-sec “static” might not go to the same high-sec system all the time, but its random generator is restricted to pick a high-sec system.

The w-space stars are rated in terms of difficulty (similar to high-sec, low-sec, null classifications for the regular map). They go from C1 difficulty to C6 difficulty. C2 stars have very high chance to connect to high-sec, low-sec, null, or other C2 stars, and form sort of a highway, because you can go from C2 to C2 until you find one that has a high-sec connection.

So, because the wormhole tunnels don’t show up in your overview, you have to use PROBES to find them. And you have to always BOOKMARK them (both the entrance and the exit), so that you can warp back to them. If you lose your probes you’ll be forced to suicide your ship and pod so you wake up in your medical clone in your home base back in high-sec.

Otherwise as long as you have probes, you can find wormhole tunnels, go through, and create your own star map of the w-space stars that you’re exploring. Trace your way back using the bookmarks if it’s been less than a few hours. Or follow the C2 highway and find another w-space star with an exit to high-sec somewhere, if it’s been a long time.

Cov-ops cloak ship that can also probe is highly recommended. The space is as full of PVP as 0.0 space.

Here are some guides:
EVE University guide
Ellatha’s classification of wormhole tunnel codes to see where they will lead by just looking at the wormhole info page, before you go through it.
Ellatha’s database of w-space solar systems - the J3849272 is the name of each solar system (like Jita, Sobaseki, etc.) and you can see what resources are in it, as well as what static wormhole connections it may have.

Wormhole mapping tools (these will attempt to create a visual map for you, if you copy/paste info to them):
Tripwire, Siggy, there are others you can google.

@Eternalis_Imortalin First of all I would like to welcome you back to New Eden whether it is as Alpha or Omega. To answer your question; there are only 2 ways out of a WH system and these are

  1. Going back from where you came from, or if it has collapsed then scan a new WH for an Exit.
  2. Destruction of your Ship and/or Pod via gank or Suicide.
  3. Attempt communication with residents (if it is occupied) and have them help you out, however they could very well just Pod you out :yum:

So if what you are looking for in WHs are < Pirate Faction > Relic/Data sites you’d want to stick to Class 1-3 wormhole systems as it is the only place they can be found outside of k-space. As Wektis Sunji mentioned all WH have an origin and at the end of it there will always be a ‘K162’, so when you find an end-point of a wh (the K162) you can Show Info on it to figure out where it might lead, in cases of it leading to a Class 1-3 it will have the text “Seems to be Leading to unknown parts of space”, Class 4-5 will have the text “seems to be leading to Dangerous parts of space” and lastly the Class 6 will have “Seems to be leading to Deadly parts of space”

if you know the ID of the origin WH you can look it up on this 3rd party website here, it also tells you the maximum lifespan of the WH.

I wish you good luck on your travels and fly safe o7

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That’s perfectly worded, because number 3 has a very high chance of just killing you (equivalent to #2).

Little rules I try to live by if I go into a wormhole

–Before you enter the wormhole–

Decide if your very willing to loose your ship before you enter. Guys in wormholes are usually very territorial and on the defensive from Invaders and attackers, and usually half bored and would love someone to shoot at. If they are there they must be tough enough to survive there.

Decide what your going in for, exploring for hack and relic sites, ninja gas or mining, or PvPing on those that enter or live there.

Decide what your taking in. Some people use 2 ship approach, take a max scan bonused ship then after scanning, exit and swaps ships for their decided jobs. I been wanting to hit a gas site forever(had bad luck landing on a armed site because I didn’t understand the differences), so I have a max scan venture I take in and stay in.

Make sure you have AT LEAST 2 sets of probes. Decide if cheaper wanting to carry cheap Core 1 probes, more expensive Sister probes, or even T2 probes. This could be a one way trip so decide how much you want to gamble.

–After your in–

Stay still and run Dscan to see if anyone else is in the your area of the system. Keep dscan going at least 5-10 seconds the whole time your in there.

There will be a wormhole where you enter… BOOKMARK IT BEFORE YOU WARP AWAY.(me I’ve forgotten to bookmark my exit last 3 I entered, and end up wasting the first 30 mins scanning down all the sites and exits in the system to find my exit)

Me I warp away from the entrance hole to usually to the last planet or a moon then go at max speed 2.5k with MWD, then I start scanning, I “THINK…” it gives me wiggle room to escape because they have to enter warp, warp to me, come out of warp to before they can lock on to me, depends on the ship they use, I could be 30k or more from where I was when they first scanned me.

Know what timers are on sites and belts. The sleepers tend to show up around 10 mins on belts and gas sites, 90sec-2mins after you start a hack or relic site, be ready to warp BEFORE they or anyone shows up on local.

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