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Had an oddity today in a wormhole. I scanned down and entered a WH from 0.6 space. Once inside I bookmarked the location as Exit. I then scanned down the opportunities, ran a couple Data sites, warped back to Exit, but it wasnt there. Now there is a chance I forgot to BM the exit but I am pretty certain I did.

As I had forgotten to do this previously, I scanned down all the WH’s and entered them all, none were the way back to 0.6. I tried them all twice, couldn’t find my Exit. It was during the 2nd go around looking for the Exit that I noticed when I scanned the WH, in my scan window lets say the name KM-162, when i would warp to that WH the overview would name the Wormhole something else.

I finally just entered a WH that took me back listed Jita, over 20 jumps, the low, null and Triglavian, security somehow made it.

Now like i said I may have forgot to BM, but i doubt it since i never could find the Exit back.

Any thoughts on this.


Either the Wormhole was End of Life and died naturally, or someone rolled the hole with you still inside depending on system size they could well of been outside of D scan range.

Was the wormhole “nearing end of life” when you jumped in? It may have despaired while you were in the hole.

Or was it “had its stability critically disrupted” in which case another ship jumping in/out unnoticed may have rolled the hole for you.

Otherwise, no idea!

As what was said above, it just reached its end-of-life, either of time or of mass passing through it.

Getting the info on a wormhole will give you a clue in the flavor text as to if either might happen. If you are concerned about one closing on you, check this before entering.

It’s part of the randomness around wormholes and will happen to you eventually if you take enough of them. You should always consider the fact your route back may disappear and you will have to find a new way back home when you enter them.

I can’t say for sure, but I usually check the WH life message and believe that it still said unstable and “days” of life, but at this point I doubt everything I checked. Does a message come on your game screen notifying the pilot of a change in the WH. I also had local up and it was empty, not sure with the back and forth of the blackout just what the status here should be.

Any ideas on the WH name differences???

Thanks or all the responses


i suggest you to first read on whs before jumping through it
There is NO LOCAL in whs… Nothing to deal with null sec black out
And , as some said, either the wh was end of life or critically altered (“on the verge of collapse” ), and closed after you, or some people living in the wh system OR in the null sec system where you were initially rolled it. Because that’s what both people sorts do: null sec inhabitants roll it because they don’t want to see wormholers tackling their ratting/mining ship. Wormholers roll it to get a new connexion leading to somewhere else

Hmm, just need to read more about WH mechanic.

TLDR; what you look in WH info are “End of Life” and “Critical”. If you see any of them, dont use that WH/go back immediately. Either it about to go poof, or someone already there/still near it.

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I have read the complete EVE Uni piece on Worm holes, but this is interesting. THX

So far as I am aware (and anyone please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), the designation the wormhole signature has in your scan window is not indicative of the type of wormhole it actually is.

However, every wormhole has a designation that comes up on the overview and indicates the type of space to which the wormhole connects. There’s a list of these on the EVE Uni wiki and also http://www.ellatha.com/eve/wormholelist.asp. All wormholes have an entrance and an exit–only the entrances have different designations. ALL exit wormholes are designated K162.

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