I’m stuck in a wormhole with 130mil loot. I bookmarked the wormhole I entered through but it disappeared, I scanned down 2 more wormholes(only 2 in this wormhole) but at both of them, there is no button to select the wormholes so I can’t right-click it to enter them. I tried logging out and in again but then I became disconnected from my ship. Help.

Contact me in game Franklin Vonalique. You may have to just go down the chain a bit to see if you get a high sec or low sec connection to exit though.

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Make sure the wh is on overview. That happened to me once. Not sure how i removed it.


I understand from your post that you still have probes.

If so, then scan any wormholes which are present in your J-space system. Warp to that wormhole, left click on the wormhole in space and hold the click, pop up menu will show up, select enter the wormhole (or select info about the connection to see where it leads). Or right click on the wormhole in space directly and select enter. If you have the wormhole in your overview, you may do the same clicking through the overview.

Eventually you will get out of J-space, but it could take several jumps through different J-space systems, depending on how long is the chain.

If the clicking on the wormhole in space does not work, then something else is broken.

If you don’t have probes any more and hence can’t scan, then you are screwed and shall consider selfdestruct which will pop you out of J-space, but you will loose everything, and will end up in a clean pod in station.

I really don’t get what you mean that you got disconnected from your ship after logging out and back in. If the above suggestion from me and others did not help, pls just write down more specifically if you are in a ship or pod now, if you can scan, or if you just have problem entering wormhole.

Cheers and fingers crossed.

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Yeah i added it to overview and i worked :smiley: not sure why it wasn’t added already.

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sorry i meant disconnected from my drones

i mean probes

Cool that it worked out.

You can still select things by clicking them in space. Zoom in and click. Or right click and “add to overview”

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