New update. Stuck in Huttaken

There are 3 gates in Huttaken. All are off now. So i stuck here and can’t go anyway. Just waiting and checking all gates every 5 mins. Incredible gameplay, ccp, thx!


and don’t expect CCP to help you. Your only option now is to wait or to destroy your pod:

Are there stations in the system? Try buying filaments or scanning equipment to get out of there.

Or try clone jumping. Last resort: Destroy your pod, this will send you back to your home station.

If you can manage to get a scanning ship or someone to help you you can escape through the new trig wormholes

Assuming you are not hated by Triglavians, you can dock in a station and buy a Glorification-1 ‘Devana’ Filament that will teleport you to a random Triglavian Minor Victory.

If there is no station, or you cannot dock, then you can scan out a wormhole (carful there will be lots of bad guys and the hole spawns 70km off the beacon.)

That failing, test your immortality.


If you’re currently still stuck, let me know and I can possibly run a filiment to you.

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