Anyone know how to get out of a wormhole after a break?

I took a break and forgot I parked in a wormhole in a astero lol. And unfortunately now I’m not omega for a while just to busy with family life I just want to get back to jitia or amarr space any suggestions anyone know if ccp will help me or am I screwed. Lose astero, and get poded

I think creating a support ticket asking for instructions or to be moved by CCP is your best bet.


If not, Yoy can try with Signal Cartel, they may be able to help.

I’m confused, are you using a t2 probe launcher or something? Because if you logged into your ship you can fly your astero on alpha until you dock in a station, then your forced to leave the ship.

No I was docked at an old POS in a corp now I’m not in that corp in a wormhole and on an alpha with just my astero which I can’t fly on alph. And still docked lol

As you cannot dock in a POS, you are considered to be in-space and thus able to fly your current ship, though no bonuses will apply nor will you have access to modules that require omega.

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maybe you can wait for Alpha clone buff?

contact signal cartel / eve-scout if you are stuck inside a wormhole.

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You could try explaining to the locals if there are any. They may help you out (or even recruit you)

Your kidding right, that is absolutely wrong, they will help you alright, pod kill you, I have never every found nice folk to a nuet in a WH, ever.

It’s been known to happen, we’ve done it before.

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