Newish Player Looking for a J-space Corp, USTZ

I’m a 5 month old alpha clone interested in pvp/pve. I’ve been doing hi-sec combat exploration for awhile and I have a mounting interest in pvp. I’ve been interested in moving to null/j-sapce for some time. Does anyone have any idea what kind of corps are recruiting? I can’t use discord for RL reasons. I have just over 5.3 mil sp if that matters.

Come have a look, we have a " new to wormhole or PVP" corp 100% SRP & Free Ships - 💀 Unsecure Space - WH PVP - C5-C5 [EU-TZ]

Sorry but I can’t meet the requirement for your corp :confused:

Unfortunately, if you can’t, at least, hear on discord, your options will be quite limited.

Can you use Teamspeak?

Yes I can

You also require omega though. I have the isk to plex but I don’t know if I can earn it back in a month.

Omega and voice are super important, without omega, you will not be able to fly 99% of our ships.

To enjoy WH space, OMEGA is required as most ships flown are t2 Cruisers, T2 BC ,faction BS and T2 BS. The isk should not be an issue if you join a corporation that teaches you but you’d still need T3 cruisers minimum to rat in a C3.

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