WH home open to characters or corps

I have a C2 static with a LS static. I have small stations up and gear at all the planets for PI. Would enjoy a little company. No cost associated.


This is kinda cool NGL

Sounds in line with the guys from the wormlife alliance, who operate open-to-the-public wormholes that anyone who can play by their rules can live and operate in. You might consider getting in touch with them.

hello is it a C2 ?. Because we are a small corp looking for a place to settle

Hey, I’m returning to the game and am interested in learning the ropes of wormholes, Would you be willing to take on a person new to wormholes?

EDIT: I’m also still only an alpha clone at the moment

We can help you sir just contact me ingame .

Was that too me? or the OP ?

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