Glich, Exploit or what?

Location: Adacyne system- a week or so ago noticed character and his capsule showing up on dscan, a week or so later this character, still in his capsule, still in dscan. Never seen this before, just wondering can this be true? Why would anyone want to hang out, with no breaks, in space, in his capsule. I don’t even think capsules have toilets, could be wrong.

Probably a bot that glitched.

I don’t know what you’re asking when you ask"can this be true? "

Maybe the guy wants to have an alt account scouting for him and keeping eyes on who travels through the region.

There is nothing in his story that suggests it’s a bot. Where are you getting that idea?

Problems with reading comprehension? English not your first language? My apologies.

No, I’m just confused when you ask “Can this be true?” since you’re actually seeing it happen, so thus it can be. I’m not sure what you’re asking here when the thing you asking answers itself.

Meaning is inherent in the title, as in is this a glitch or is it for real? And now I remember why it is I rarely post in this or any forum as they are all petty well infested with easily confused, well, lets be nice and say people.

I don’t see anything that would suggest it’s a glitch. I would say that it’s “real”.
I’m not sure why you’re having such disbelief about this though. The guy is just logged in and afk.

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