Is it possible !?

I left mi char all night logged …in the morning I got killed , np reship do same thing , farming rats in belts , now something is wrong I don’t do same dps to the rats its like 50% lower … same ship same fit same enemy !!! Is it possible to be bug related or wats the deal with this !?

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No mi pod survived …

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What ship?
A T3 cruiser dying makes you a lose a skill. But that should not reduce whatever damage by 50%.
Different drones then? Offline modules?

All night? With no manual entry to move to a new belt or find new rats?

How exactly were you doing this?

Did you just assumed that he was sleeping?


This makes it sound like the character was left unattended.

OP was apparently AFK ratting/botting and woke up to a popped ship.


Has an incursion started in the system? It would reduce your DPS.


IIRC its a bug. Get to a safe spot, eject and then reboard your ship, the problem should be solved.

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wow, interesting.

sounds like you were botting all night. :slight_smile: welcome to Eve

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Maybe with a drone boat in a belt.

Or just simply drunk and passed out.

Zkill places him in belts with frigates. Definitely not drone boats.

Pod survived. Sure as ■■■■ if someone’s afk I’ll pod their ass, sec hit or no sec hit. The number of shiny pods in LS is incredible given how braindead easy it is to get your pod out of a fight.

Best guess, OP is just trolling. Not a very good troll though, there’s no tears.

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Ok for those who pretend taht are morons and have nothing to do … Ship was docked all night logged on … was a faction frigate and the pod survived wen i got podded … its not a troll its just eve with their bugs that lay around it seems …that wats happened to me !!

so you were afk ship spinning in station all night, when you woke up you undocked and died to rats. Then replaced ship and were doing less dps than before.

We are not trolls and not morons. Your explanation of what happened was not clear and you made it sound like you were botting, this is why I asked the questions that I did.

I agree with the other suggestions of looking to see if anything in the fit has changed in your other ship:

-Ship fit
-Ammo type

Also, has an incursion started? Try to restart the client, leave and reboard the ship, and see if the issue continues.



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Step 1: Come to forums to complain about something
Step 2: Out yourself as a botter
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit!

Did he really write that he was docked …
… and when he woke up …
… he saw his pod sitting in space?

And in the initial post he completely left out the actually important part …
… which is: I was docked. Sounds like “damage control” to me.

So …

YYYYYYYeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … No.