Community Intervention - Help me talk sense into my friend =(

Good EVEning, fellow capsuleers!

I require the community’s help in reaching out to a capsuleer who is failing to see the error of his ways. @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras, who will henceforth be referred to as Anonymous to protect his privacy and shield him from public humiliation, is doing low level PVE in a… I can’t bear to say this… an active-tanked Cruise Raven (with deadspace shield boosters, no less). That’s right. He’s active tanking a ship with an operational range of 200km that pretty much never gets touched after MWDing out far beyond the range of 99% of rats encountered in low-level PVE (using an initial MJD if necessary to escape a killing field and keep shields from breaking).

I’ve tried explaining to him that a Cruise Raven doing low level PVE requires a grand total of zero defense modules provided it has both an MWD and a MJD since range alone will keep virtually all rats from touching him (the few that can touch him at that range would simply be prioritized) - even with the lowest possible skills needed to fly such a fit he would be safe - but Anonymous will not listen to reason! I mean sure, if it were using RHMLs or Torpedoes then tanking could be (somewhat) justified but… cruise missiles? On a range-bonused hull, no less? He’s crazy! He needs help! He needs intervention!

Please, EVE Forums, help me help Anonymous!



What times does he usually play and in which system? I know some guys who may be able to help him out. They say experience is the best teacher…




@Destiny_Corrupted it took you 30 seconds to “type” that. So my question to you is: how the ■■■■ do you “type” that???

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i’m working on getting a new fit, especially one that will actually reach past 200km… my targeting isn’t great and im maxed out on skills… just need to find a better fit…

His fit makes sense. Maybe he has kids. He can wander off for 30 minutes and come back - his ship will still be there.


Geo you’ve been saying that for over three months

and i barely turned the game on in those 3 months too…
covid, going crazy not touching people, depression etc.
did i mention i procrastinate?

The FBI screens everything I do online?

Edit: You clever little goose! - Agent Johnson

Edit: Dude stop it, you’re embarrassing me in front of my EVE friends…

is that pesky white van still out there??

That’s probably @Destiny_Corrupted’s free candy van, it helps her to blend in with the feds.


This post was really intended to bait Destiny… now that she’s here… @Destiny_Corrupted , we need to have a group intervention… about that viagra shipment you stole from… nevermind where…

Okay, so it’s really TWO interventions: Geo’s Raven and Destiny’s… I don’t know how to describe what he has done or WHY.


First there was the Blue Man Group, now there’s the Blue Pill Group.


Geo: replace your shield mods with missile guidance computers scripted with range scripts. And rigs with range/rig/flare.

Destiny: Let go… of the viagra…



Yeah, he said that in the OP. Google (name of ship) fit. Be amazed.

i got a fit… ty though.


Who the hell puts an MWD on a PVE Raven? God, you people are so bad.

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Could be worse.
He could be a dead space blinged mission-running rattlesnake.

Bring the horse to the water. And give it a properly fitted raven to try out.