Real hack in the game Player is breaking the game and me. Moonpire

Just does not matter. Nothing will change.

It will be interesting to see if this topic of discussion is even allowed.

Have you and the corp thought about moving away from said player. If it is that toxic in the area, I would pick up my toys and move to a new area in EVE. Or make sure you tell more players where this player hangs out so they can form some black ops / hot drops on them.

System, region, timezone, character names, etc.

The best way to fix the problem is to let the player base have content. And 10 paladins and a Vindi are definitely content.

Not a lot of details here.

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i read it
he was venting about how LOL is a contraceptive
he was alone for a long time
but EVE made him a cool guy
he even got a GF
but he cant explain to her how to do PI
so she suggested PVP ,but he said he don’t have skills yet
and they had a fight yada yada…
and now he is sleeping in the couch

it was a long post …

Since the topic of this post has obviously become redundant, we can close this here.