Capsule inventory

Is it possible to have a capsule in your inventory? If that is the case, how ?

I have at least one and maybe more.

How did I get them?

To be honest, I’m not really sure. They showed up on really old characters that weren’t used for so long that CCP had taken their names away from them. More likely a bug than anything else.

So I imagine you’ll not be able to get one of your own these days.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Yeah it happens the odd time, or used to anyway.
Don’t remember how though.

Well I do, that is why I asked since I have no idea how it is possible.

Last time I checked, the capsules of a couple of biomassed characters were still in my old corp’s inventory.

Last time I checked this was it.

And an idea. How about taking such empty capsule, putting inside a frozen corpse and then putting it on a remote control? And waiting on the forum for all the salty tears of elite pirates crying how can you kill who has no life, mhar har har.


Sometimes this can be the result of a jumpclone/clone death glitch.

No it happened back when jump clones were a new thing, it used to leave a pod behind in the old location

Does it go in contracts? Might be a great source of ISK if so :slight_smile:

Still does last I knew.

It isn’t jump clones (used to do that yes, but no longer). It is still possible by other means to get empty capsules but it is secret so I can not tell you. I have sold plenty empty capsules though.

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