How to activate capsule?

i dont know how it could happen, but i have 2 capsules… how i can activate them, because to leave the capsule is impossible… so how i can have more then 1?

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It’s a bug, you can only have one capsule at any given time which is automatically activated whenever you leave your ship.


ok thx… at the momment i own 5 of them…

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Probably need to ‘Clear all cache files’ in Esc menu - ‘Reset Settings’ tab.

Usually a good idea to do that after downloading game patch / updates, helps get rid of little annoying bugs.

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Has nothing to do with cache … I have dozens of capsules, still ready to peep.

Bullcrap, every Capsuleer only has one Capsule, that’s it.

May you have missed the screenshot posted by Arisha in the top post? This is not a glitch in display, it’s real stuff. How long are you with the game, and don’t have capsules in droves in your hangars?

Don’t know what kind of crap you’re trying to pull here. I remember when you use to post good constructive replies in forum threads. Just exactly for how long have you been a forum troll now?

By the way, you can only have one active clone per account that is inside a Capsule which it cannot exit, that’s it.

That is true of course. But was not part of the claim. No troll about what I said, but you have to excuse that I can’t stay fully sober with a question like that.

It can happen if you get podded, or jump clone (something with session change), that you get a spare capsule in your hangar. And you can do something funny with it. :smiley:

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I’ve used Jumpclones and have also been podded, no extra Capsules listed in Assets, unless I ‘Leave Ship’ and then there’s only the one Capsule.

DMC, I know that you’ve played awhile, so I guess that you’re just lucky. Its happened to me a couple of times, I think its related to a bug with jumpclones where it accidentally has you at two locations, but ofc you only exist at one, but an extra pod is left over. I see this glitch much less frequently now than a few years ago.

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And ‘Clearing cache’ usually removes those little annoying bugs.


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