Basic Capsule / Clone Questions

(Norm Aideron) #1

The clone / capsule concept is new to me. I’m guessing it’s needed for the game mechanics of it all, allowing the pilot to cut bait and run / jump back to safety or the base station to get another ship. This way the pilot character basically lives on without being floated once his ship is lost.

But if the attack is a total loss and the pilot is floated/dies the his attributes are waiting in a new clone back at base. To me this process seems like typical re-spawning. But when you assume your new clone do you get all your attributes and SP back? Are the clones always updating with your character’s latest training levels and SP?

(Arcanith Lionheart) #2

Your attribute remaps and SP are always consistent across clones, new clones and jump clones, the only thing you loose upon death is Implants, which, if you have none, will slow down your skill training.

(Norm Aideron) #3

Oh, implants slow down skill training? Good to know for an Alpha clone player. THanks

(Arcanith Lionheart) #4

No no, I said, and I quote, If you have none, will Slow down your skill training, Implants will increase your attributes, which in turn speed up skill training, so dying and loosing implants will slow down your skill training. Keep some implants ready or a jump clone with implants ready just in case.

(Norm Aideron) #5

Oh my bad thanks for clearing that up.

(Norm Aideron) #6

Different question; can I delete one of my three characters to start another one in a different faction?

(Arcanith Lionheart) #7

Yes, but they take 24 hours to fully delete, to give you time to change your idea if you want.

I already done that and… I honestly did not enjoy the sound of my character being turned into biomass…

Also, you may have noticed that having more than one character on the same account means only one will be training up skills unless you turn Omega and use the “multiple pilot training” item or whatever to grant you additional training slots for your characters, you may find that it is a better decision to just make a whole new account.

You cannot multibox Alphas, but letting your characters skill up at the same time is a huge plus, unless you don’t find any use in that.

(Norm Aideron) #8

Yeah, right now not a big need to train two characters. Just want to try a different faction. I have one character that is just sitting.

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #9

It used to be that you had to buy your clones and there were different grades of them that each progressively held more skill points. If the clone you were in died and you hadn’t updated your standby medical clone you would then lose any skill points you had trained beyond your medical clone’s capacity.

Some folks had serious sadtrombone moments.

Now clones are free and have unlimited skill-point capacity.

…and get off my lawn…

(Memphis Baas) #10

So the medical clone thing is a roleplay in-character explanation for the typical MMO respawn mechanic; you die, you respawn at your home base, and have to go get your armor ship wreck see if you can salvage any modules. That’s all it is. Even though the text talks about clones and skillpoints, your character sheet is stored in the server database and doesn’t really get affected by death much.

The others have explained it above; if you die you don’t lose any skills (in fact they keep on training), you just lose any implants you had. Think of implants as external attachments to your head; if you die they’ll remain on your corpse, back in the wreck where the ship/pod were destroyed.

The jumpclone is different than the medical clone; the jump clone system is just an explanation for being able to teleport across the map. Just you, not any of your gear, can teleport once per day, to make it more convenient for players to get to the action and back into high-sec for shopping or whatever.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #11

Accurate representation of using Jump Clones, consider the clothing as your Implants I guess, they will stay with the previous clone.

(ISD Stall) #12

If you would like a little more information, consider giving this page a quick read:

I believe there is also a Flight Academy video regarding jump clones. You should be able to access this video and other videos from the F12- tutorial videos menu.

Thank you for that. That reminded me of the good old days and put a smile on my face :parrotmustache:

(Donnachadh) #13

I admit I have not looked and I have not lost a T3C since the re-balance so this may be incorrect. If it is I am sure someone will correct me.

The statement above is not absolutely correct. When you lose a T3C you will lose skill points associated with that ship.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #14

That is correct, I did not mention that, it is the only occurrence where you loose skillpoints, and it is saying that on the T3C info panel

(Corwin Dnari) #15

Losing a T3 cruiser (not any other T3 ship) will lose you some SP. This has nothing to do with clones though. You lose the SP even if your pod survives.

(system) #16

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