RP Character Creation/Capsuleer Cloning Quesions/Amnesia

Hello those of the Fiction Portal,
I’m both new to Eve Online and RP. I have been playing for around a month and decided I would like to both start a New character and write a capsuleer’s daily log. I have spent the last few days researching lore and trying to understand the backstory mechanics of eve.

It would start from the tutorial and give his perspective on the universe and events that surround his life. I would like the character’s backstory to consist of him having no recollection of the universe, family, friends, education, previous actions, previous political happenings. Thus the log becomes his understanding of the world as he discovers the social, economical, and political climates for the “first” time.

Notes: The tutorial starts In a Corvette. Therefore I’ve already passed the Capsuleer Training and underwent the cloning process at a minimum of once. Given the higher mental capacity of capsuleers, lengthy education, and accuracy of Transneural Echo Burn Scanning it seems unlikely I’d would just forget everything before the log. I have come up with two potential solutions that each have their questions.

  1. Neural Jack in Failure

Would Neural Jack In Failure cause the creation of a New clone? Would the corrupted parts of the memory just be inaccessible? Was the cloning a failure and the capsuleer is now permanently dead?

  1. Generic Clone
    Are capsuleers and the Space Industry in this article the same? If yes How much memory can be lost via Generic Clone? Is it feasible that he would lose 90% of his memory?

Lastly are there any other ways to make a RP character with retrograde Amnesia like symptoms?

Thanks for taking the time to read my wall of text!

  • Fariot Ellecon

I think lore-wise you can make a memory loss explained by some kind of scan failure to any extent you like. Mind you, a permanent complete memory loss would leave the capsuleer a vegetable (not able to walk, eat, speak a language, etc) so something remains. This means you can set the general level anywhere, and also have him remember or not any detail you like on a whim. :wink:

Maybe the first mindscan in training failed, and he came back without any remembrance of who he is, but enough to realize where he is and that if he lets it out the cloning failed, they might detain or terminate him, and fumbled through? In that case he vaguely knows capsuleers exist, etc…

This would allow you to play without paying too much OOC attention to where from you know a thing about the world.

Cloning tech and mechanics have developed since the writing of that, we don’t need to buy clone upgrades and sp is not lost on death anymore either, so that’s not a good explanation anymore, sadly.

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I don’t look into this whole process too hard so take the following with a grain of salt.

There is always the option to have some accident just prior to the neural scan such that you are still believably vulnerable to permanent memory loss. So long as the memory loss does not affect your qualifications to be a capsuleer and you can demonstrate this in testing, it should be fine.

Alternatively, a blank slate capsuleer could have been created intentionally by some sort of rogue agency or high level government office to see what happens. In this case, perhaps your logs are intentionally collected as part of this ongoing research and they do not interfere with your life so as not to spoil their experiment. It would also explain to an extent why your previous friends or family do not try to contact you.

A third option is simply not to explain it. Does anyone need to know? Do you need to know? If ‘I don’t know’ will serve as believable explanation, then that’s all the explanation you need to give.


To avoid making another thread, I’m gonna ask a couple other questions here. Hopefully you can help.

  1. What is the Neocom lore wise? Ive seen it used in a couple chronicles.
  2. What is The Agency(Part of the Neocom) Lorewise? This is part of the Neocom menu and Aura points you too it.
  3. What is the Intergalactic Summit lorewise? Is this the In character version of eve Reddit? As this is a In game Chat room and FTL exists in game does this “exist” in game on some sprawling spiderweb of server across planets and systems?

Thanks again

  • Fariot Ellecon

The in-pod UI for capsuleers.

A job offer service for capsuleers.

The forum here is a forum IC, so basically, yea, it’s a Reddit for capsuleers. There’s also the channels “The Summit” and “Intergalactic Summit” ingame, which are chat channels for capsuleers.

Yes, FTL comms exist and an “internet” (called Galnet) is a thing.

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Aura alludes to the character sheet and to skills taking time to learn. While i understand these are semi OOC mechanics, I was curious if this could be explained in an IC way. This was my best guess at how it would work.

As FTL exists, knowledge can be spread everywhere in an instant . The implants allowing us to learn anything in a relative speed. Similarly to how Neo in the matrix, downloads skills, and instantly knows Kung Fu etc. We download Skills to our pod’s onboard skills database, The time it takes to learn the skill representing download time. Once skill is done being downloaded onto the pod the Character would instantly know said skill. The skills that don’t need purchase/learning were acquired during the Capsuleer training program. Any new skill purchased would be akin to purchasing software in the real world.

Is this an accurate way of how representing skills in an IC RP fashion?

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