Can capsuleers have sex and children?

This is a serious question.

Can Capsuleers have sexual intercourse and have children?

I mean, what happens when youre in a clone, you get pregnant, then jump-clone? What happens to the child?

I would assume capsuleers still like to bang cause… it feels good, but im not sure about children.

Jump cloning “kills” the clone you jump from. So you would have to tube the baby at that point. On the other hand artificial wombs are an established and common technology at this stage in Eve.

There is some capsuleer-on-capsuleer action in one of the Tony Gonzalez novels.

Yes. CCP Abraxas was EVE’s senior writer so I think his input has some weight.

Capsuleers can have sex, the clones are not Barbie and Ken dolls. And they are not sterile by default, though that is an option for those who want it. However you’ll be “stuck” with the clone that is pregnant and have to carry the baby to term. Like @Nevyn_Auscent said, to my understanding the clone left behind is essentially killed in the case of jump cloning, and obviously you can’t clone pregnancy.


Intercourse yea sure but not intending to conceive children. All capsuleers seek power and independence having children is a weak point at which their many enemies can strike.
I’m sure for this reason many choose to have their clones sterilized.

The CEO of Ishukone has a wife and a daughter,
As portrayed in the Book Templar One

Their lives were threatened by Tibus Heth which took an elite security force from Ishukone Watch to counter act, despite the stupid baseliner wife’s attempt to circumvent the security her husband placed her in.

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Only if you care about your child.

In any case, thanks for the answers.

That link doesnt work for me.

Were the wife and children also immortal?

That’s why I paraphrased the contents right after. It’s the old forum backup that works one minute and doesn’t on the next, probably hosted on someone’s old iPhone 3.

no they were not, and neither was Mens sister hiding out in some remote place to protect her from “The Broker”

Youd think the CEO of ishukone could afford having his wife and child become capsuleers.

Is there an age limit to capsuleers? like a 5 year old capsuleer?

It’s not a simple process and most (about 90% from memory) people die in the conversion process and never make it.

So, on the balance that’s there’s a ~90% chance your wife and daughter will die, would you?

They should incorporate this into the Character creation screen.

Like, spending 15 minutes making your character, then at the very end you get a “Your clone has died. Please try again” message.


I think it’s 90+ percent who start training won’t make it. Not all of them die. Some do though so your point stands.

(My favorite non-serious lore theory is most agents are drop-out cabsuleers and hate all player-characters because envy and bitterness. It would explain a lot about the mission system.)

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Actually, only about 10% die in the capsuleer program. But yes, it’s anyway very hard process with the facing death by euthanasia it the end.

There are CCP approved chronicles in EON-Magazine of capsuleers having sex for pleasure.

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At one point I planned a story involving a female capsuleer who would jump clone, get pregnant, carry the baby and have it, then would jump clone back to her original clone so she could stay young and pretty after birthing a small tribe of offspring (16 children so far, born over a 30 years period in which her mother was always 30 few).

The EVE-is-a-dark-grim-place twist was that the capsuleer was blind because of an accident and she would have all her children blinded at birth so they lived like mom…

Yeah may not be death exactly as the biggest barrier (10% mortality is only in 1 phase of the training).

Quoting from The Immortals of New Eden in EVE Source (page 20-22):

In the end, it’s only 5% of 14% (or around 0.7% of all people that apply) actually make it to the end,


How boring. so capsuleers are the bestest of the bestest, the strongest of the strongest, blah blah blah, then they double tank a cruiser and mix weapon sizes right before autopiloting a freighter through Uedama… :woman_shrugging:

I’ll rather stick to my own version of the lore. Anyone with the appropiate genes (a tiny percentile of population) can become a capsuleer, often just paying for it, which explains why “rogue” capsuleers are such a bunch of disfunctional jerks who behave as if life was a videogame.

On the other hand, the fact that as per the lore capsuleers train in simulations means that i was even more right to claim that the best NPE would have been players starting in a seperate server with “virtual” content and limited systems so they have a chance to learn the ropes and make mistakes before jumping into the shark pool.

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I think you are mixing up lore and game.

If you really think the characters are acting independent of the players, then there is something wrong, and last I looked, none of us players have actually been through any of that.

It’s Lore, nothing more.

Good for you. That means nothing to anyone but you.