Capsuleer questions

With in the broad story of Eden/EVE regarding the Capsuleer:

  1. I presume not all people living in Eden are Capsuleers?
  2. I presume being a Capsuleer is something you volunteer to be augmented into?
  3. Are all ships in space (including rats) operated by a Capsuleer? Or are some with just regular people?
  4. Once your are transformed into a Capsuleer is that irrevocable? Can you ever go back to being a regular person?
  5. I know Capsuleers can’t die in the common sense of the word. But do they get sick? Injured?
  6. Do Capsuleers age?
  7. How do Capsuleers reproduce? Or, is it a life of celebecy?


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  1. This is correct, capsuleers are an exceptional few in a cluster of trillions(though this does put into perspective that ‘few’ easily could mean aome billions of capsuleers exist, and do exist beyond just playere)
  2. Becoming a capsuleer is for the most part a voluntary process, but there are some cases where you may be voluntold to do so(say if your character was military, or was indebted to a megacorp, and it being part of you working off that debt before gaining ‘independent’ status)
  3. Not all ships are piloted by capsuleers. It os generally accepted most ‘rats’ are piloted by fully baseline crews(your ship also has a crew)
  4. Once you become a capsuleer YOU CAN RETIRE FROM THE LIFE, and the reasons to do so vary widely.
  5. Yes capsuleers can get sick or injured, but even the poorest capsuleer will likely have access to First Rate high end health care regardless of where they go or what they do.
  6. A Capsuleer’s clone can age, though if the clone dies it either is reset to the age of the initial cloning, or as is the case sometimes, the medical clone is sculpted to reflect the age of the capsuleer.
  7. Capsuleers have a few options for reproduction(like with most of the cluster at large), tube children, natural birth, artificial insemination… if you can think it, its probably available.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Is there a date for when technology progressed to the point we could effectively live forever as a series of clones?

One of the Chronicles stories (think it’s called “Jita 4-4” or something like that) discusses the history of being a capsuleer including the development of clones and the ability to transfer the mind to a new clone at the moment of death.

Rather bleak description of it all actually. Makes human life cheap when you really think about it. :thinking:

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The proper marrying of the Capsule and Clone/transneural burn scanner was right around YC103, with the genesis of the Independent Capsuleer(and corresponds with the start of the game roughly)

Also something about the Jovians providing the bare-bones basics of the groundwork for the earliest cloning and jumping tech.

Not quite. Jovians gave the basics of the pod to the empires. Each empire developed warp/jump tech more or less on their own, similarly with the basics of cloning.

The lore can be a ■■■■■ to navigate generally.


Very true! :sunglasses:

I read through that story. Lorewise, it was insightful, and I appreciated the details it provided. The narrator mentioned Capsuleers die, which we all know all too well, but in regard to any kind of an (un)natural lifespan for Capsuleers, I started thinking.

Recently I came across this description in-game:

Men’s “Mirelle” Upwell Executive Spectacles
Designed with a retro Gallente frame from legendary Federal fashionista Francois Mirelle, these bifocals are themed to appeal to those interested in both a functional and stylish look without the need for ocular implants.
With a titanium weaved carbon composite frame, alloy hinge pins and silicate glass lenses, these traditional spectacles not only look the part, but also come with a lifetime guarantee* and are designed with the most extreme and rigorous use in mind.

*Guarantee based on Interstellar Average Standard human lifespan of 160.25 years.

It would seem the average non-Capsuleer lives 160.25 years, but from what I understand, Capsuleers can “live” indefinitely through a series of clones. I don’t know if there’s lore about what repeated transference does to the psyche, but all things being equal, we (Capsuleers) apparently live forever.

I’m currently working in my spare time on a story about a career mercenary to provide my character (Von DeMoreno) with a backstory and a potential future based on my goals in-game, and I thought it might be possible that he’s lived several lifetimes, but seeing as how we’re in YC123 and

It would seem my character is effectively limited to becoming a Capsuleer in YC103 at the earliest, assuming the Gallente had worked out the aforementioned relationship between the Capsule and the Clone.

The capsule was sufficiently widespread by that point, and the capsule and clone being put together actively was a shared innovation at the time of game start. Unless you have a character from when the game started I’d try to avoid saying you have a character that’s been a capsuleer that long. Not saying it can’t be done of course but it’d be my suggestion not to.

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I agree, I don’t think it’d work. I think I’ll set my story sometime in New Eden’s future to make things easier. I’m still working out the details and getting a crash course in lore on the way. It’s a lot of fun.

One thing I’d like to see lore on is the apparently aesthetic implants and prosthetics. It seems fairly extreme to replace a significant portion of one’s torso, for example, purely for the aesthetics. I wonder if there’s more to it than just the looks.

The Torsorig augmentation is largely functional, use show info on it in-game and it gives you a bit of insight into its usage and function.

Ah! So it does provide benefit for the Capsuleer outside of “it looks cool.” It’s not necessarily medically necessary, but it provides benefits to the owner for strength, speed, precision, and so forth. I hadn’t thought of that, nor paid attention to it in-game until now.

Of course now I have to go back and edit my story.

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