[Question] Can capsuleers give birth?

I’m working on a backstory and I’m wondering if capsuleers can have kids. I want to make it so that my mom and dad IC were both capsuleers taking a break on Intaki Prime. Any help is appreciated!

Lore is not 100% clear on this but I think current player consensus assumes that by default clones are not fertile but that there’s no particular reason why they could not be made so if the capsuleers in question wanted to have kids.

Also, artificial wombs, in vitro fertilization and genetic manipulation exist in the lore.

So, in short, almost certainly yes.

If your story requires someone to become pregnant by accident, that’s a little harder to justify (why were they in a fertile clone if they did not want to become pregnant?).


Thank you! I’m not diving deep on how it happened, but I plan on making characters in game to be my Mom and Dad. :slight_smile:

Ooooh! I could have been adopted by two capsuleers!

Clone bodies aren’t clones of you. They’re generic, then seeded with stemcells to slowly replace with your genetic material. Over time, they’ll be vaguely similar.
And, iirc, Eggs aren’t grown over the course of your life (mostly before birth) so they’d be non-viable.


so you’d want to use eggs harvested pre-cloning.

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Or you just assume they can make eggs if they have the DNA, which they clearly do for the cloning process.


Gene-tech in EVE is pretty substantial and advanced, so there are a lot of options to work with. Even with the ‘generic body from biomass’ bit, creating eggs based oj your genetic details(or hell even custom genetic details) isn’t out of the question Or realm of possibilities.

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Thanks everyone!

Sure can, getting podded and that dog dropping that comes out is the afterbirth.

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I wouldn’t think capsuleers could give birth. I figured we were tube babies.
Even Star Wars clones are tube babies.

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There are examples of tube children in EVE, but its not the rule. Some tube children do become capsuleers but most tend to be born from a mother and father(or some other combination). And capsuleers can have their clones made to be fertile or not. Generally a preference thing is the player consensus @xDeadMasterx


I know a capsuleer that gave birth to a beautiful daughter very recently :slight_smile:


As Teinyhr pointed out the last time this question came up, former senior writer CCP Abraxas clarified that capsuleers are not sterile by default.

In case the link doesn’t work for you, the post says this:

Here’s one: Capsuleers are not sterile by default, nor do they have any missing organs or interior plumbing. There is a slightly stronger tendency among them to have that stuff removed than there is among the general population, but it’s not anywhere near a majority of the entire capsuleer class.

You don’t see capsuleers (at least not the ones I’ve encountered) taking steps to rid themselves of any other base desires - greed, resentment, anger or hate - and I truly don’t see them wanting to rid themselves of the sexual one, either. Moreover, we don’t want the capsuleer option to be “You’ll be rich and powerful beyond your wildest dreams … but you can never have children.” It’s a decent hook for a story or two at most, but for any writing work beyond that, it’s far too restrictive.

So if they want, they can, but they don’t have to.

Edit: Tein also pointed out that the mother would have to carry the baby to term without changing clones/being podded, as a new clone would not have the growing baby’s DNA, etc.


Lasa has five children.

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