Capsuleer Lore detail question

So I know capsuleers use their pod tech to transmit their brain data if about to be destroyed to a new clone, but I assume they also leave the pod when not flying their ships sometimes, maybe to walk around a bit or have a drink.

Despite becoming infomorphs in nature, theres a reason they use clones of what is probably usually based on their original body- to keep their identity. It’s already common for capsuleers to lose empathy over time by becoming immortal, imagine how much worse it could be if they just haunted machines.

So, when not in their capsule, is there some portable version of the brain snapshot device they have? Or perhaps they simply will revive from a recent backup if killed in that scenario, not remembering what happened?

So, if you die while outside the pod, you still don’t die, but you probably lose some time, and memories of that time since you last backed up (and skill points trained)

I knew all that stuff already you posted except what happens if you die OUTSIDE the pod. I just wanted to know how that worked.

I know all capsuleers already die once as part of the process. it makes sense as a cloned body can be prepared with all the neccesary implants much easier

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The brain scan is triggered once a breach in the pod is detected, with death imminent, a near instantaneous scan takes place which burns out the brain.

The scan needs to happen on a live subject, so for someone outside the pod it would not be feasible, without some elaborate setup, to trigger it moments before death.

The backup clone is the next best thing for a capsuleer who died out of pod, and works how you outlined.

It’s worth noting that the device seems to be external to the capsuleer and thus makes scanning outside of a controlled environment impossible.

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Well it’s not proven if you’re actually ‘you’ or merely a clone of yourself waking up thinking it’s you, and the ‘you’ that you’re experiencing right now is well and truly gone. For all we know, ‘you’ actually died the first time you were podded. Everything coming afterwards is a simulacrum for the sake of others and your legacy.

Nimrat thinks about the nature of consciousness a lot. :smiley:

Well concious it may be a system concerned with modelling the outside world. The is if one defines a model as:

  • as a duplicate of an original
    *a shortening on parts of the original
    *created for a purpose
    (definition according to Stachowiak a german philosopher)

One can logically deduce - in the way how mathematicers deduce that something is a triangle - that all sense channels hand models to the mind or concious, as they can be interpreted as a duplicate of the outer world, an shortened for the purpose of interpretation by a bioelectric organ.

In so far - and that is philosophical wacky high ground - the mind is a system dealing with models and only has a model of the outside world. It might be a modelling machine.

This when observing humans means we often request of the outside world to be in coherence with the model of it in our mind. In so far a feeling of orientedness is existing when the model of the outside world in ones mind is in coherence with the outside world.

One may then notice that there are persons who can deal with a feeling of non-coherence faster and those who can deal with it slower and eventually start to get elated about establishing coherence between the inner model of the outside world and the outside world again.

No idea if above model helps with explaining human beahviours. It is an intersting model nevertheless however I doubt apllicable on the outside world or reality.

This is incorrect. Its in the eve source book i think it is that is the final test to become a capsuler is to kill your body so that you are a clone.

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This is an interesting article on neural transduction theory:

Our Brain is not a Computer, Perhaps a Transducer? › SINGULARITY 2030.

To an extend we are in a close to battletech universe reality that snuggled intimately with the matrix universe and most likely have some traces of ghost in the shell.

Considering that the human body is a lot of carbone molecule based nano factories and reactors … I reckon there is likely an operator mindset about the mind of a person available somewherer in the cluster.

I was going to ask my question separately but someone had already started a very pertinent discussion so I’ll add it here:

From a lore perspective, does anyone know or care to speculate if it is possible for an individual who is not originally a capsuleer, to hijack or co-opt the consciousness transfer technology an essentially steal another capsuleer’s clone. This question would only be for the sake of argument and used for a story arc for a particular character.

If you guys would like to add comments or ideas I would appreciate it. Thanks. o7

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