Dae like to fill their bathtub with water and lay in it to pretend they are a capsuleer?

today i was cleaning the family bathtub (my parents make me do it to pay for rent…) i suddenly remembered that “birth of a capsuleer” video that shows a capsuleer floating inside of a capsule. I thought it would be really cool to get a sense of how the capsuleers feel and so I filled the bathtub with water and layed in it (similar to a fetus) so that I could simulate the feeling of a capsuleer. well ladies and gentlemen, I want to report that the experience was very successful. Here’s what i learned. The water should be a little warmer than room temperature so that it is comfortable but do not make it too warm because that would not be realistic (I cant imagine floating around in a ball of hot water…) Also next time I think it would help if I had a stereo playing some ambient space sounds or maybe some of the voice commands from aura. if you close your eyes and shake your head back and forth underwater it feels liek you are entering warp. if anyone else tries this please post your experiences

I strongly advise against putting a radio under water so you can listen to music, but if you’re truly convinced that’s a good idea, then by all means don’t let me stop you.


Interesting experiment, must say. While that was a odd read, glad you had positive results!

That said, I couldn’t help the imagine an Eve themed bath bomb (‘galaxy’ colors) and how relaxing it could be. :sweat_smile:

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You should use the sensory deprivation chamber where you lay down in a special liquid, but with sounds of strip miners playing so you could relax and dream about ore bay full of veldspar.


Haven’t had a bath in forever. I second not putting a radio too close, be safe man! I’ve never thought about capsuleer water, I would have assumed warmer than not, probably from the urine

No danger from a battery radio (unless it’s a very old valve one…) and there are radios made to survive immersion, for baths and showers (and the beach) - https://bestradios.co.uk/best-water-resistant-radios/

Pod goo isn’t just water. You should add a thickener to the bath water and some colour. Also, if you have to pee or poo you have to do it in the pod just like a capsuleer.

I suggest custard
Because why not

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