BUMPING IS MURDER ! - An opinion piece

“I hereby sentence you to death.”

What sounds like a dramatic ruling from any of the court houses throughout the Empires, whom support the death penalty might as well be something that belongs to local chat channels whenever a capsuleer is “bumping” into a vessel crewed by baseliners.

How detached Capsuleers are from the suffering of the normal, everyday folks is already proven by the funny slang word “bumping”.

Bumping describes the act of violently crashing a ship into another vessel.
The Pegs magnetic alignment combined with ship shielding however prevents any physical contact, thus sending both the ships, or the ship that is being “bumped” in different directions at extreme acceleration and speeds.

What works great as a safety feature at normal speeds is being abused by these lunatics for simple entertainment.

While the Capsuleers pod damps these extreme forces, giving the pilot at most a little dizzyness, the forces can and do kill standard crew. Even crew that is secured via. belts for example, as their organs are very much so turned into mush and sometimes even limbs (including the head) detach from the torso.

It is a bizarre picture to paint, for capsuleers though, it is everyday life as they murder droves of people, simply… by bumping into baseliner ships.

It is time we educate capsuleers on the effects of bumping. Beginning at their training !

And even more importantly to finally give a bumping Capsuleer what they deserve.
A criminal marking by Concord and swift justice !

We owe that to the victims of bumping !

Crew deaths are just showbiz, baby. A few measly deaths in exchange for salty sub-space messages and some free expensive augmented mining drones make the carnage all worth it.


Jita 4-4 undock is about to become a graveyard…

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So the death of countless people is just a game to you ???
No wonder people hate us capsuleers with heartless monsters like you

Crewmembers are a resource, like ammunition or ship hulls. No need to get all moralistic about it.

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Apologies for my earlier message, it must have been mixed with a star’s radiation burst when I was sending out a op order.

And for the people, wouldn’t you agree we bring meaning to their lives? Pushing pirates back, defending the empires, and bringing in a vast amount of resources that support billions of people. Exploring deep into new Enden providing more opportunity than would ever be created if not for the Capsuleers. It seems working for a Capsuleer is the best opportunity around.

I’m not sure what the ■■■■ you’re talking about.

Inertial dampeners on commercial industrial ships are rated for well over 30 gravities in standard operation. Emergency stasis fields can muster 400. I’ve seen an Orca exit warp inside an asteroid. Must have gone 8 kilometers before it could reverse course. The crew walked it off.

If any crew die from bumping, it’s because some engineer ■■■■■■ with systems they shouldn’t have, or for whatever unknowable reason, they had them turned off. Any well-maintained cargo ship should be able to take plenty of knocks.

Source: An industrialist who builds the damn things.


How much are the bumpers paying you.

Next you are telling Malkalen wasn’t an inside job.

Pilot? So … what you’re talking about, it’s a standard thing even without anybody getting bumped. It doesn’t usually look like it to us, but the g-forces inside an undampened frigate would be fatal in a whole lot of cases. Seriously, even without afterburners (and we’ll just ignore MWD) they can often get up to around half a click per second, then reverse course and be back up to full almost at once.

They’re usually, but not always, uncrewed. If it weren’t for the damps I think any crew might be hard to distinguish from raspberry jam.

Only, you know, chunkier. And it’d smell … different.

Anyway, yeah, there might sometimes be a case where someone’s dampeners go offline at a bad moment (there are a lot of bad moments for that to happen) and the whole crew gets pulped, but I don’t think that’s all that often nowadays.


Now I’m wondering if I can add shutting down th inertial damping fields of target ships to my EWAR…

I mean, feel free to try? Really, though, as far as hard-to-access systems it’s kind of there alongside gravitational control and, uh, reactor containment. For pretty much the same reasons.

And the CONCORD ships that get themselves stuck in the middle of jump gates, constantly bumping back and forth? The windows must be either red from human pie, or yellow from bile. There must be a system in place that protects the crew, otherwise there would be lots of derelict ships floating around.

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