[IDEA] Capsule ship?

something cool, to be able to change pods like a ship (to have several capsules in your shed and choose which one makes me happy today), I do not understand why, it is not possible at present?

Good day All!!!

Just change the skin on your capsule.

no brisc, you have multiple capsule (implant or not implant fitted) in your hangar ship no skins and possibility you change same to change ship manipulation. you understand?

Oh - okay, you’re asking for multiple clones in the same citadel. Got it. That’s on my list already.

yes brisc completly thanks a lot :slight_smile: and for modules bridge right click choice cyno for bridge in your list? XD

LOL /sigh


My bridging skills are notorious in INIT.

lol, we agree suddenly :slight_smile: good meeting, enjoy the good of rajkavik :slight_smile: and come back with good news :slight_smile:

and possibility in destroy pod you loot the implant ? or composent?

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