Wish basic skins existed on all ships like Khanid, Kador, Cold Iron etc

In this website https://eve-nt.uk/designer/ you edit the skins of all ships. A shame that you they dont exist in game. Would love to have eg Khanid on a maller, or Cold iron on a moa :frowning: They clearly exist here! Dont get why we cant just have them, its so frustrating that I cant have my collection of ships have a matching theme. Anyone else feel this way?

I also discuss a bit more about this in this video: https://youtu.be/_7diuQiMGVQ


■■■■ off with your video, mate.

If you want to talk to us, then talk to us and share your thoughts here!
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Why when you can have a Sacri?


If I want my ship to be a different colour, I simply piss with the RGB settings on my monitor. Another option is sticking Quality Street ™ wrappers onto the exterior of your spectacles.


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