Ship SKINS - Getting what we want and EVE getting paid more

When we can finally have a simple option to select a color we can finally be happy to get more SKINS.
This is more renowned with the ugly orange color for the fallen player with the beard.
If we could have the option to select the color we want, like red to replace the ugly orange, then we would surely have more people wanting to buy a SKIN that is simply the wrong color.
Perhaps we could Finally have the ability to request a SKIN that is just not available, like a Gurista skin for your favorite ship, for example.
Sincerely looking forward to this SIMPLE option, but not expecting this to work.

Whale thinking… in the wrong forum, too. :facepalm:

The option of buying a ship SKIN is the definition of Marketplace Discussions.
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I would like the see the Lodestrike SKIN made available for Gallente Industrials. I see it in the New Eden Store for many ships EXCEPT Gallente. My Iteron Mark V just doesn’t look right without the Lodestrike. I kinda wish I’d never seen it, because now I’m obsessed with finding it…
CCP should never have put it in with the other SKINS viewable from the fitting screen.

I have also used other methods of trying to forward SKIN requests.
Hopeully we finally get the built-in game option for this instead of this outdated ineffiient method that we are told to use.

I still want the custom skins we were told we would get at last years fanfast.

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