Print your chosen name on the ship

I have very good idea for the game that everyone will definitely like. On the drop-down menu to change the name of each ship, there should be an additional drop-down menu with a change of font and color. Once the pilot has made his choice, the name is printed on the ship. This will give individuality to each pilot.The CCP asked me to print this idea here and if the pilots in the forum approve it it may be implemented for each of us at EVE.

So basically you’ve been playing Elite Dangerous.


Difference between ED and Eve is you can see the ships in space in ED.

I do admit to buying skins for invisible cloaked ships so… it might just work.

I didn’t play this game, it just occurred to me that the names we put on our ships could be written on them.

What happens when we change our ship name?

I presume this will cost PLEX. Knowing CCP it will be priced up there with Gucci.

The name of the ship is a name, for example Cyclone.
I put the name “Axilotl” and it works
Axilotl (Cyclone).
Only the name “Axelotl” is printed and the model of the ship Cyclone remains, it cannot be changed.

That would be like having kill marks on the hull. No one is going to see it, and no one but you is going to care…

I agree to. It makes as much sense as paints for ships, but they are also used. :slight_smile:

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