Ship Engravings/Decals?

An idea that I can up with: what if we could engrave our ship’s name on it? As well as add a decal, maybe? It just seems like a way to add significance to a ship (e.g. a ship with lots of killmarks, or a ship you’ve just used for a long time).

Another idea is that we could add our own bios/descriptions to our ships, again for added significance.

Opinions on this?

Nope. Would get abused. Dicks everywhere and Hello Kitty everywhere else.


Time to penis would be remarkably quick

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Id write PASS COOK PARTRIDGE on every ship I contracted

The problem is morw in the implememtation and abuse sides.

You would need a fair amount of data storage to hold each design. This would in turn need to be transmitted to all.

Imagine a 1000 person fleet all using a unique design that your computer needs to download when landing on grid or jumping into system. It would create a huge lag spike.


How does it currently render such a fleet with different SKINs and Killmarks?

–Curious Gadget

The killmark icons (8 small single colour images) are tiny and there are only 8 of them for your computer to load and duplicate. Same for SKINs except there are a few more of them and they are more complex. Resources are conserved precisely because there are only set SKINs available, rather than a “skin design” studio that makes a unique one for everyone, which would involve literally millions of extra characters / shapes to be added and checked for every time you load grid.

So, if there were an approved set of icons to chose from, then this could work?

–Still Curious Gadget

Every ship is a unique combination of a limited set of hulls, modules, rigs, skins, etc… Most of these items will already be in your cache. The suggestion is for truly unique items that are not part of the item database. They would probably need to be developed and applied like skins and tweaked for every hull you want to apply them to. There may be players who are prepared to pay the cost in dollars or PLEX to have the art department custom develop something like this for their personal use but there won’t be many.

When SKIN system was “buggy” I could apply gurista SKIN to my Golem and it would look like Gurista Golem with all those spots of camo. You cant have that SKN to this day, but people were flying it then. CCP repaired system, I mean now its a system that is gimped purposefully by CCP to sell more SKINS and earn more $.

When it was bugged, I have seen people on undock in Jita sporting all kinds of SKINs and there was no visual glitches or loss of performance.

Potentially yes, but I’m certain CCP will be saving this bandwidth for their own SKIN releases. Your new idea still does not address the potential for dick shaped decals and that Avatar paint job everyone would try out once.

Why people talk so much about penises, why fear them? You are perfectly capable of making can art now in Jita in shape of those but you dont see them. At least when I am not around.

BTW, look at the Thorax. It doesnt have to be pink for people to think about it as a phallic object.

Noted. *Probing questions rarely do.

Not sure where I stand currently, but I usually lean towards more creativity.
Just wanted to see what is technically possible first.

–Cautious Gadget

*pun fully intended. :slight_smile:

It’s just an easy way of saying “images which detract from the serious nature and general immersion of the game”. You need to think outside the cocks.

It’s not about fear of anything really, just a preference that EvE stays with it’s current dark vibe, rather than handing creative control over to people who would definitely abuse it in some way.

Because CCP clear them away if they end up being in any way rude.

But if it was pink, with a purple cockpit and some little hairs drawn on the engines it would make EvE look shite. Agreed? :wink:

I thonk this is one of the most memorable posts i’ve ever had to write…

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Dark doesnt need to exclude penises drawn on ships, especially if people rarely watch them from up close to notice what SKIN they have.

I have seen one that stayed for a week in Jita. Made of depots. I was surprised really., but maybe its because it was not rude at all. :thinking:

Thonking intensifies.

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I don’t see what’s wrong with Hello Kitty. Also, we already have a dick in space and it’s called the Thorax. :wink:

As for kill marks, we already have that feature in the game. The ship will get a kill mark when it is the one that deals the final blow to the other player’s ship. The kill marks will change over time based on the number of ships that specific ship you used has killed without getting destroyed in the process. There are ships out there have killed over a hundred other ships without being destroyed and that is a major achievement. The Amamake Police Force are known to have such ships.

It would look childish and stupid, and yes people would see it. Dark and serious is better than hello kitty and cock ships.

More likely it was because nobody notified CCP. If you’re trying to say that CCP support giant genital pics and will not do anything about them you haven’t learned much being here. All someone has to do is report the depots and it’s gone. But that’s beside the point anyway. Make whatever shapes you want out of depots, you’re not getting hello kitty ships and a dick skin :blush:

Yes. Think of the medal system. There are sets of graphic areas with pre-defined options. There is text too but that is not hard to store.

If you had pre-defined sections of the hull you could color using s limited set of colors, it may work. What would be hard would be if you let people manipulate each pixel or small art unit (not sure what 3d systems use). In other words… Letting people vary the colors of say the exo planet skin, not bad. Letting them hand draw an epic mural using the ship as the canvas, too many of those would cause problems.

If you think that it is a problem then you far away from IT.
I work in bank. Whole DB with all clients personal loans is smth about 800 GB. It is information about 2 500 000 loans with tons of text.
And we are talking about few words on the ship.

So no - data storage was never the problem here.

Why you are worry about abuse? We already have it with ship names. What will change?

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