More Police Skins!

But not only for CONCORD ships, maybe for the other factions too?


Thats dangerous. Letting other factions act like police will undermine the strength and authority of CONCORD.


Gallente ships have several police skins. The Federation Navy Comet, Megathron, and Kronos, if I recall correctly. I would not mind spreading that to other factions so people could roleplay police-man, if they liked.


The Kronos and the Federation Navy Comet both already have got a Police SKIN. As well as the Megathron.

I’d personally like to see ambulance and firefighter SKINs for logis. :smile:


I want a rainbow warrior skin for the Catalyst!!

Also why is it not possible to set a default skin per hull They are kinda pointless if you always lose the ship.

Have you made a feature request for setting a default skin? It might be appropriate for the ‘Little Things’ thread.

CONCORD authority doesnt extend to ewerywhere. In those areas like low sec and null everyone is laughing at CONCORD authority. The players are left there to police their space, alone or in groups.

Well, Gallente is like Team America. They see themselves as the morally superior police of the world.

Go on, I’m curious to where you will take this thread.

You’ll be a whole lot closer comparing them to Amarr / Caldari.

Serenity only Ishtar and Pacifier/Enforcer/Marshal Police skins. Unavailable, but still existing, on TQ too.

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Nothing changes. Peace to CONCORD, and

I want a NASCAR skin. With about a hundred sponsors’ logos on it. Maybe those guy who advertise on the billboard thing. And they have to pay me every time I undock with the skin.

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Still waiting on my pink Hello Kitty skin.
You know it would sell.

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some caldari corp militant police would be nice too

Lol. I have seen a ship all decked out as “Hello Kitty”. And I would like to see NASCAR skins made for the T1 Frigates as they can be used to race in. Also the T2 Interceptors should they be used for racing purposes in Eve. They would look awesome in racing livery.

Whatever happened to these?


Or this!!!

They don’t look like police skins to me.

I would like Police edition SKINs for the following ships:

  1. Machariel
  2. Coercer
  3. Atron
  4. Catalyst
  5. Thrasher