Do people actually buy character cosmetics?

I’m a new player and since EVE is not really a character driven or immersive game, there are so many character customization options and shop cosmetics that are not cheap. What’s the deal? Do people really buy some trousers for like 10€?


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Yes. And not just trousers. I bought this yellow onesie but only wear the upper part until I decide on something I like more.

All ( or most ) of the ships and modules are made by players and the powerful sovereignties are run and populated by players, players whose characters can drive an agenda or a war. I’d say EvE is a character-driven game.
Some characters are so popular that even non-players know about them: James315, Aiko Danuja, Mike Azariah, all whom I read about before even downloading the game.
As for immersion, that is purely subjective depended upon someone’s tastes and sensitivity to images, action and sounds.

It was a bit more immersive with CQ, when you could walk away from spaceship and see it from a balcony. There were also food packages, some holodiscs, video screen with stuff on it.
Since you are new, you should watch this at least:


@DeMichael_Crimson :wink:


By immersion I meant virtual unique character moving, emoting, flexing, jumping, dancing, expressing itself. In EVE they’re just profile pictures… (I come from WoW as an RPer and that’s a hard blow to me)

OP let me tell you this.

THERE ARE PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET WHO BUY COSMETICS FOR HUNDREDS/THOUSANDS of USD. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

Dota 2, TF2, CSGO, Valorant, Fortnite, and thousands of others including EVE have people who are willing to swipe ENTIRE PAYCHECKS. Yes you heard me right. ENTIRE PAYCHECKS in EVE to buy plex.

One guy I knew. Sadly, he was terminally ill. He was playing EVE and really liked me and my friends. Always talked about how pretty much every dollar he had went to EVE. I do not make this stuff up and if I sift through my contacts, I still may have him.

Oh, yah people spend alot of money to buy some cosmetic that some graphic designer fresh out of college whipped up in probably a few days.

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To me its almost the same. I don’t /dance in wow lol. But I am a mog hunter.

Staring at char is almost the same thing. I lean to marksman hunter and now s.priest. you know…stationary turret rdps lol.

Here I will get nice outifts. This char is frumpy since I have been lazy and moving the alt with better outfit has not been done. Same as wow. Retail side I have spent a few gold on tmog. Or I ran my legacy dungeon/raid crawls.

Wrath side (has been my focus since shadowlands really) I have been cruising AH for good deals for tmog to come in Cata.

Most of the time in BG I am…jsut looking at a stationary char lol. But I will look good holding farm in Arathi Basin when most of the team opted to ghost cap it.

Then you didn’t mean Immersion.
I would love to be able to have my character walk around and even maybe chat with other walking characters in the station but it has to be useful, have a purpose that links it to the core game. If it’s just to play tourist then I jump back into my pod and ship and undock for something more exciting.
Maybe Vanguard will give the walking and shooter fans something to wow about but I doubt it will have anything resembling WiS.

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No they don’t.

Only with ingame monies.

I remember the outcry about the £70 Monocle
Fairly sure I only paid like 2bil ingame for it xD

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The true end game content for EvE, is making your character look amazing.


Really? I thought it was about sending 315 billion isk to James 315.

James 315 is dead.

Princess Aiko is now the saviorette of New Eden.

I sure hope you didn’t send 315 bil isk to a dead person.

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He thanked me after receiving the 315 billions.


I like to buy stuff for Aiko

/Edit Use to like. This year no yellow space suit for Aiko as they only end up in the trash.

This Christmas I am buying someone the arm tattoos.

Yes, I buy Apparel items. Can’t be wearing the same thing all the time, variety is the spice of life.

Just ask all my alts… :wink:

On a more serious note, I have a total of 751 different Men’s and Women’s Apparel items in my collection, probably the largest collection in New Eden…

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