Is character buy worth?

Hi guys.
I see all these guys saying they want to sell 500 mil sp rorq pilot ect… is it really worth and safe?
I mean what gurantes me he wont just take the money and in turn I get nothing? And how does the exchange happen?

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Character sales via the section on this forum intended for this hook in to a mechanism CCP has provided for this. CCP monitors that, enforces the rules strictly, so as long as the correct procedures are followed everything is fine. And in the odd case some nitwit tries to do something bad, CCP dives down on it like a hawk and tears him a new one.

Buying a character can be worth it. Just remember your own experience base, there is not much point in buying a character if you do not have the affinity or experience leading up to what a character may enable you to do.

There’s other purposes potentially as well. Completing a second account. Stripping it for skillpoints and creating injectors. Getting a second identity to infiltrate others. Lots of options.

Character sales scamming is against our rules, and people who do it are permanently banned.

The real choice is whether you’d enjoy building a character from scratch yourself, or whether you’d prefer just to buy a character that’s pre-trained.

Different people enjoy either of the two! Personally I prefer building characters from scratch myself :slight_smile:


What does that even mean these days?

Injecting 50 million SP instead of buying a 50 million SP character and rearranging the SP to suit?

If you mean making a character and then waiting a year for it to be viable by not ever adding SP to it, then you are exactly the customer CCP doesn’t want. They have a business model built around micro transactions.

As for the OP. Buying a character is about the safest transaction in the game. You need not worry about that.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


You could be on to something here. This might be the reason why CCP is driving old players away en-mass :thinking:

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Or whether you have the ISK to buy a character from the Bazaar ^^"

Whats scary is that after having played for 14 years, im more and more convinced your right.

An old player used to be someone who amassed his SP over the course of years.

By that metric, now an old player is someone who bought PLEX and sold it in game for injectors that he then built up his character over the course of a week.

Here’s the thing. For many people the fun is in the trip to a goal. The adventure. The learning. Once achieved, the player ether starts over or finds another game. It used to be that it might take years to get to that goal. Now it takes a few weeks to a month.

So, CCP gets a modest cash injection for a short amount of time to show off to their investors with their new Inject/Get bored/ Find another game model. Whereas they used to have a smaller cash injection but could count on those people staying much longer than a few weeks to a month.

One of those models is good for the game and the other is good for making it look good in the short term for buyers or investors.

I think they chose the wrong model. I kind of liked when they were focused on the game.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Depends… if for example their plan is to be bought by EA soon then they chosen exactly the path that aids them to achieve that goal. :thinking:

It isn’t so much driving old people who get stuck with supercarriers against pos shields out of the game. It’s more an unintended effect of changed priorities. EVE did have an enormous set of gaps in perception problems, in terms of old versus young.

That is something CCP has managed to turn around, so that is a nice thing.

Granted, the next challenge is related to opiate economics :stuck_out_tongue: Estate / network / financial means gaps. But there’s positive triggers there as well.

Look on the bright side, being 15 in EVE is not old. Think of it as having turned 15. You have just entered puberty! Think of the energy, the stamina, the raw potential of youth :slight_smile:

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