How reliable is the character bazzar?

Thinking about purchasing a character but wondering if CCP backs the sales on the forums or is there high risk like trust only basis?

Very reliable, and CCP backs the sale. Check the character’s skills. Bargain. Don’t be too eager.

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Sounds cool! thank you for the feedback wanted to buy one

99% reliable. Though the ones that seem too good to be true, or have an issue following the rules of the character bazaar, are ones to be leery of. but 99% all reliable. If you happened to be scammed, CCP will get your isk back to you . The forums here, are the only place to truly sale a character (not account). This is the only place scamming is not allowed or tolerated.

Rules for Selling or Buying a character.

This is wrong, you can’t scam character sales anywhere, it isn’t limited to only this bazaar. It’s in the section you quoted. “Please also be acutely aware that scamming using character sales is a violation of the EVE Online EULA”.

I was talking about the bazaar, no scamming allowed, and the link i posted even says that is where sales are made. yes they can be made in game, but they would still prefer that “private” are made on the forums.

while the rest of the game allows scamming, selling a character does not.

so i should be good to go to get a character for a hefty price right?

that’s what we both already said, yes.

A rule of thumb, 1 mil Skillpoints == 1billion ISK. There are some factors that can bend that rule, like extraction price, skins, clones implants etc.

ty guys

Technically, all character sales should go through the bazaar. Do it elsewhere, and you’ll eat a ban.

(You need the transfer to go through CCP. I guess you could just agree in person. But CCP must do the transfer)

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I didn’t mean off the site or out of eve…I’m simply saying that the rule is you can not scam character sales, no matter if they take place on the forum or in game. Just trying to correct the statement a lot of people say about it only pertaining to the forum ;).

You can purchase a character via mail in game and do the transfer without ever talking on the forum, and you are still safe from being scammed.

■■■■ happens even with most reliable systems IRL, so its better to still keep the correspondence until the trade is finished and you have confirmed that skills points and character are what you have paid for.

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