Corvette Gate Lurker

Why do some people hang around low sec gates in a corvette and scan people? A corvette can be volleyed off by cruisers or anything bigger. If someone doesn’t want to be scanned, they’ll just blow up the corvette and move off grid long before the gate guns get into structure. Surely there are better scout ships that can speed tank better if you just want to scan ships.

Because corvettes are cheap?


Shooting the corvette results in a sec status penalty, which lots of people don’t want. Also, I think there might be a kill right involved, which could be very inconvenient. Why would anyone bother using an expensive ship for something like this?

LS only gives a KR if you pod someone. HS gives a KR if you kill a ship. It’s for the -sec status people don’t want as people do often roam to LS and do HS stuff on the same characters.

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But it is SO hard not to shoot the pod!


Corvette free son.

Like minerals, Corvettes I get for free isn’t free.

LOL ok.

I would align before popping it as not gonna be able to get back though the gate if tackle lands on you.

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