Killrights in LowSec

I don’t get why someone paid 33 million to me for a killright I put on a whim. On one hand, it seems obvious, the killmail showed a 200 million combat battlecruiser kill, so 200/2=100 > 33. Easy. And the 6 more killmails showed up where the guy who purchased my killright got 6 more kills.

But the killmails were in a 0.3 secuirty system, so he could have opened fire easily. It seems to be a 7 vs 8 fight (the 8th guy apparently got away) with no logi.

The gate guns never got more than 4th place on the damage on any of the ones the guy who bought my killright was shooting at. His own crew had 3 Munins, a T3D, an Armageddon, and battlecrusiers, so it’s not that they needed the gate guns silenced for an interceptor to survive. I’m grateful for my payday, but it makes no sense to me why these guys didn’t either activate the killright when the guy was in high sec, or if they really wanted to fight there just do a regular low sec gate camp.

Activating the KRs makes the targets go flashy yellow, which means you don’t lose sec status if you engage them. That would be a motivation for me to activate KRs if they are cheap/free.


It also means you don’t have to tank gate guns as well.

  • 4th place against that gang is quite good. Gate guns do pretty decent damage that only increases over time.

  • Activating the kill right means they don’t have to warp away from the gate and come back.

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