PVE Missions

Since when could other people not in my group warp in to my pve missions and kill me? Has that always been a thing?

Has that always been a thing?

Not before scanner probes where added to the game, many years ago.

damn, thanks. Guess this game doesn’t have much left for me.

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the only exception they have to not get to you is if you need gate keys to get into other areas of space… they cannot warp directly to you.

In that case… can I have your ISK and stuff?

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Are you running missions in low sec??

if so… that is why you died …

Run missions in High Sec and you wont have this issue, tho, high sec payouts aren’t as lucrative as low sec . . I have people jump into my area as well . . I give them 2 secs, then I lock onto them (low sec)
If you are in Low Sec chances are you have a ship that is capable of defending itself.

Since a pretty long time ago, buddy. Gear up or get out, as they say in the marines.

I was in the Marine Corps and that is not something any of us ever said. You might say that, though.

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What can I say, you obviously joined the wrong one then. It’s an old saying that goes back to 1962.

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