Missions in low security space

Hi, dose any one know who I can contact to give a very, very, very, very big piece of my mind to, in regards to putting P.V.E missions into low-sec space.

I only ask this as at the weekend I was operating out of two bases in Airaken V-moon 1, 0.5, and I was sent on two P.V.E missions into 0.4 low-sec space and on both missions I lost not just my ships and cargo, I also lost the rank that I had achieved.

So I would like to thank someone from the development team for for this.

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Do missions in npc null, better isk and lower risk!

You know what they say: Location, location, location!

Pick an agent in a system some distance from low-sec and they won’t send you into low-sec.

Missions from high-sec agents into low-sec also do include a warning, so you can’t really blame the developers. They did warn you.


Believe it or not some people actually choose to do PVE in lowsec. Between local, employment histories, d-scan, player standing, eveovermind.com and cursory knowledge staying alive is quite doable. My guess is you took the mission and gallivanted blindly into a system you’ve never been to before and started doing your mission without any sort of safety net or situational awareness.

As much as we like to give the devs a hard time, I think this one’s on you. Don’t worry, we’ve all made this mistake. You chose to go into the bad part of town with your windows down and your doors unlocked and then drove around with a blindfold on.

Not trying to give you a hard time dude lol. If you need any pointers on survival we’re here to help. If the experience scared you away from lowsec for good, might I suggest Lanngisi. That’s where all the cool-dude highsec missioning folks hang out.


Truer words have never been spoken.

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Lets just say you ignored multiple warnings, the one from the agent, the one when you actually go jump into lowsec, then you lost your ship, and then you went and did it again for whatever reason. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

I went belt ratting in amamake last night, no one even warped into a belt with me. Low sec is a weird place like that sometimes. Some areas get far more traffic than others, some areas are full of station spinners, sometimes you are in an empty system and you’ll see 20 people travel through before you see one on the hunt.

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Try Irjunen. 0 missions to low sec. Good lp. Plenty of regular level 4s and anomic missions. Or keep tossing your mission ships in the garbage.

After looking at your losses, I’d recommend you spend a little more time in smaller ships and learning about fittings. Jumping straight into a battleship without having enough game knowledge will has only ended badly. I’m surprised you hadn’t lost those ships in a mission.

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