First time Lowsec Missions / DED, what do i need to know?

As the title says, i’m a noob at PvP in Lowsec and i’m not sure what to expect…

  • How do i defend myself from other pilots?
  • Is the ISK/HR down there better than in HS?
  • How do i effectively travel without getting bashed at a Gate?
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  • The only way of defending yourself is keeping an eye on Local and having D-scan open all the time, a PvE ship is typically not prepared for PvP since you will naturally be fit to deal with mission specific damage and somewhat cap stable to keep your ship strong against waves of enemies, but PvP ships will typically deal much more damage than rats, and if they find the right damage to deal to you you will go down fast. During a mission you will most likely be in one of those mission sites, people will only find you there if they bother scanning down the place with combat probes, but it is still a possibility to be found regardless. Remain aligned to a station or something if you suspect someone will find you, the very moment you see someone jump in you swiftly warp to whatever you are aligned to (preferably a safe spot on your bookmarks or a station to dock)

  • Isk/hr is always better the lower the security status (even in High Sec), same to the LP. However, you got to take into consideration the risk you take due to the high possibility of someone finding you and destroying your ship. If you are comfortable with loosing a ship then you got good rewards to get, just try not to blow it up before paying the ship back in mission rewards.

  • You can always grab a shuttle and scout ahead to see if the gate has a camp, one way to see if the system is active is by checking on the map and toggling the “Pilots active in system for the last 30 minutes”, or something similar on the upper left of the map, then just hover the mouse on a system, the number it shows will easily tell how many people have been recently active, the higher the number the more likely it has a camp. You can also sometimes find on the gate to a low sec system someone sitting idly there or just warping from gate to gate, they are probably just a scout to know what is going to jump through.

Hope this helped, fly safe.

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Don’t get caught. Always, always use dscan. Be aware that while combat recons don’t show up they don’t see incredibly wide use.

Use local. If someone is there the safe assumption is they’re hunting you. It isn’t always right (in fact, it usually isn’t) but it’s safe. Slow down and see if you can pay attention to what they’re doing. Again, dscan. If combat probes show up you could be in trouble. If you’re in a DED site and you can watch them scan it down, you could be in trouble.

If you do end up on grid with someone, kite them out and/or warp out. Preferably to a safe spot.

5/10s and 6/10s pay out dramatically more than 3/10s and 4/10s. Missions aren’t my thing, but yes, they also pay out more in lower sec status.

MWD/cloak usually works. Covops cloak almost always works. Having enough buffer to eat a few smartbombs helps as well.

Knowing the region and the locals also makes a huge difference. Not even being on friendly terms per se, just knowing who is out for what.

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Exploration and such is much better in lowsec but you have to know the safe gates out, systems to avoid and constantly be on guard.

Missioning in low isnt worth it imo, its too risky if you use pve battleships and if you run in something smaller you prolly could do almost risk free hisec ones instead. You really need to know the area and have contacts for this to be viable imo.

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The risk for mission running is really minimal. Depending on where you want to run missions and which level you want to run, you just need to have a BS or HAC stored in every system around your main agent system. This way, you can just travel around with an interceptor and don’t put your income tools at gate travel risk. Alternatively, a cloaky cruiser like a Pilgrim or Stratios really are more than enough for most low sec exploration and L3 missions. It can be a bit of an investment either way and requires some investigation into how far out the agents in your system send you, but it’s worth the effort if you want to be serious about it.

In order to find you, people need to combat probe your ship, which means you will see combat probes on dscan. If you are not alone in system and/or know that another char in system is not docked, checking your dscan regularly helps a lot to prevent nasty surprises. As Sara said, knowing the people in your area helps as well, and getting in touch with them or coming to an agreement to not interfere and potentially help each other out can be very productive and helpful.


Thanks for the help guys!

I’ll take all the advice to heart and try my best to not get blown up.



There isn’t much of an advantage for missions going High to Low sec, unless you run L5 missions which are on another level entirely in terms of PvE challenge and PvP mitigation.

For running L4 missions, you might as well go straight to null-sec. The reason for this is that not only do you gain more ISK and LP in the rewards, but you also can run for far better factions that are not available outside of null.

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