Running missions in lowsec and nullsec: not worth it

so, I just found two independent posts, one from 10 years ago, another one from this year, commenting how mission running is better in high-sec, if you compare the ISK you get for your trouble.

I assume, the detailed argument goes like this:

lowsec and nullsec provide higher pay-outs (ISK and loyalty points), but eventually some human pirate will shoot your ship down and you would have been better off in High-Sec.

Of course, you can be smart about how to move around in lowsec and nullsec, but apparently even than the payout isn’t worth the hassle.

I am stubborn. I like the general principle in Eve where higher risk begets higher rewards. Someone here would challenge this notion that mission running in lowsec and nullsec isn’t worth it?

I will try, anyway, but maybe someone knows more than me and can qualify a bit, like, maybe there are circumstances where the odds are more favorable.

If it should turn out that the original comments remain true - well please CCP please do something about it! - and probably I will resort to abyssal deadspace or whatnot.

You say you will ‘try anyway’, so, hop in a ship and get out there? Good luck!

For me, doing L4 missions in Highsec is just convenient. There’s the odd spot of spice from ninja-looters and mission-baiters, but it’s ok ISK, LP, loot and salvage. I’m quite content.

O, and I get to hang on to muh implants…


When I lived in low-sec I earned T4 missions, when someone was bothering me I just flew in with all my alts or called my friends, I am of the opinion that if you want to live in low-sec you have to build some reputation so that players who want to destroy you they thought twice if they wanted to risk it.


I always found L4s in Curse with my Dominix to be quite rewarding in terms of money. Like 100-200M in 2-3 hours, sometimes more with a bit of luck. All you need is a group to fly with.

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I used to use a Sentry Domi in null with no issues, but I always salvaged and got a lot of isk from spending that extra few minutes in a Noctis.

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