Low sec missions from High sec Agents

Have high sec agents give missions to random low sec systems via a “Jump Accelerator” kinda like the ones that warp you in the same space only it takes you to a low sec system of known origin and retrieves you automatically once the mission objective is complete regardless of if your scramed or disrupted creating a time factor for the pirates trying to over take the mission runner.

This would create a instance of pvp for low sec groups while allowing a safety net to incentive those doing the missions to begin with.

Have the missions offer higher payouts and LP than those in high sec and give LP or bounties for any player ships killed that aggress the runner first aka pirates and full loot drops to pirates for successful kills.

PS make it so that cap’s can’t jump in but pirates can scan the player down via combat probes.

No one cares. You are either in lowsec and prepared to fight, or stay in highsec.

Pirates are looking for fights (despite the regular claims otherwise). Fight or don’t, but don’t cry for CCP to give you an easy mode, under the guise of providing a hard mode for pirates, with of course, higher rewards for the easy mode play.

Man up and grow a pair.

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Have to agree. This smacks of asking for better payouts but doesn’t carry any extra real risk.

Even if the mission runner can’t warp out of the site, they can use kitey tech 3’s or bombers like faction warfare mission runners.

The risk of lowsec is mostly in gate travel and I think you know that. Which is why your idea totally circumvents it.

what’s wrong with the current system where you just have to fly to the low sec?


People who run missions in highsec do so because they want to - it’s familiar territory they’ve traveled many times, no surprises. If the rewards mattered that much, they would run conduits or other precursor content. CCP have been introducing new PVE content rather than renovating the old legacy missions. They need to find a balance between challenging the hunters without discouraging the farmers - both are an important source of revenue.

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