0.0 in high sec

Missions etc. have a chance to spawn in a pocket of 0.0 space even tho its in a high sec system. How? Maybe the encounter exists in a part of the system where CONCORD has a blindside. Maybe really close to a large planet or the star. Maybe there is some sort of cloak or jammer inside that hides it or prevents CONCORD from knowing whats going on there and thus helping how it otherwise would? What is the point? I dont know, more variations, the payout will obviously be higher. To keep it simple these type of encounters could always spawn close to the star, this way pirates and salvagers would know where to scan for them to balance things out a bit?

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I actually have a concept for missions that exist near planets. Some missions wouldn’t affect your sec status, but others would make you suspect when you warp to the location.

You could potentially do something similar with a 0.0 pocket. Being there would cut you off from local chat, which would also remove your ability to be protected by concord.

The planet itself would create a warp disruption effect within 100km of the surface, so it would vary up the playing field a bit.

I think that has potential imo. But i dont understand why warping close to a planet would start a suspect timer. I just thought of the coolest lore tho? There is a very religious corp, or something, and they have these holy sites where no-one is allowed. And they have successfully convinced CONCORD to protect them, and anyone who warps to it become a suspect. But those sites have nothing to do with religion and are not holy sites at all. They are literally smuggling dens for pirates and what not. But CONCORD doesent know and insists on protecting them.

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I would be fine with this for burner missions to save me the trip though I don’t think this will have the kind of ‘more variety’ effect that makes it worth implementing.

I don’t see what there is to stop players with their big rig mission runners from just declining and grabbing a mission that doesnt have this. Or finding a system with a super low local population and hitting D-Scan whenever someone enters.

As far as i can see this one will be worth implementing if done carefully, for one players can skip this type of mission when it gets offered if they dont like the risk. Maybe agents will have a new “moral compass” value and some agents will never give out missions like this.

More specifically you dont need to change much at first. You can have each mission a small chance to flag players suspect if they enter the site but boost the reward maybe 10x. See if players like it, and if they do, then you can start refining it. If not, you didnt waste much time and can revert it i guess. But you can never know what players like in advance? You always run a risk when implementing something new. This seems like a low hanging fruit tho that is easy to implement at first and can be expanded on and refined if players like it?

(Ways to adress concerns of farming them for free is making only agents in systems with high pop a chance to give this mission, but that would be kinda sad. i for one dont mind if a player finds a spot in high sec with no players around where he can try and farm this type of encounters.) I am a mission runner myself btw. This type of encounter should probably be as rare as the Storyline encounters which are very nice to get as well.

Because planets are populated and you’re in a warship. It’s a similar reason why airplanes aren’t allowed to fly near city centers.

If you’re running a mission for Caldari Navy, or a similar entity, you’d be approved, since the mission is from the government. But people not in your fleet or if you’re running a mission of a more shady entity, you’d get flagged.

There’s also the potential for having permanent pois on planets which people could interact with, but doing so without an agent’s authorization would suspect flag you.

Or concord does know, and that’s the real reason you get flagged as suspect. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Last time CCP experimented with forced suspect flags in highsec (on a broader basis) for high tier Abyssals it was removed due to too many whiny carebears losing their blingy PvE ships. Else we just had a multi-month event with sites in highsec where people got suspect flag on enter.

The fundamental problem will remain, PvE vs PvP fit. If you want people in PvP fit, the content must be easy and people will farm it in remote regions. If the content requires a PvE fit, nobody will do it as you would die to any PvP fit ship (remember Abyssals).

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iirc, the biggest issue with shadow war highsec sites were you got your suspect flag as soon as you activated the gate… and your suspect flag would go away without being reapplied while inside the site.

Granted, the sites also required significant power to do them as well.

The first issue can be dealt with by the site being a mission not blocked by an acceleration gate. Just a visual indicator in space where the suspect zone starts.

As for the second issue, it seems easy enough to have a flag status toggle. Even if that wont work for CCP, they can just reapply it every 5-10-15 seconds.

Alternatively, if CCP uses the op’s original idea, a flag wont even be applied since it would be considered 0.0 space.

Still if it allows free PvP, people will do and camp, bait in PvP ships … nothing new, you can get it one filament jump away in Pochven or nullsec today. You could argue to have such missions in Pochven, which is much easier to introduce than some totally arbitrary new mechanic which doesn’t add anything new to the game. The only purpose of something like this inside highsec would be a carebear trap, and CCP has made clear that they don’t want that.

And Pochven, nullsec, lowsec would be much more fair, as people are not able to just chicken out of the “PvP zone”.

What do you mean it doesn’t add anything new to the game? New game play modes, new environments (especially in the case of my planetary mass shadow concept, which would allow for pvp without needing warp disruption modules), potentially new ways to interact with players who will be in the shooter rather than in space, planetary environments allow for large expansive areas that lend themselves naturally to true exploration (rather than the weird version of it we have in EVE currently.) Ect.

If you’re specifically talking about the op’s suggestion, It’s true that little pockets of 0.0 aren’t too much different from Pochven, other than just being easier to access. But the ease of access does have utility.

Static sites could indeed be camped, but if there are a lot of them (such as on every planet) the reward for doing so is small. Also, if a player has authorization to be in the location, they might not be free to be attacked anyway, further removing incentive to camp specific locations.

The suggestion really isn’t much different from wormholes in terms of it being a trap. But it is also one of the reasons why I suggested the suspect flag. A green safety setting would prevent the player from accidentally going to a location that would flag the player as suspect.

I’m not convinced that adding more lawless space, while we already have countless lawless spaces is adding more (wanted) gameplay. EvE PvP players don’t care about fancy background, only about render performance and clarity of vision on their opponents (so preferrable all black background).

Looks to me like you want the old arena instances back, which as they were instances, I’m strictly against. Also PvP areas need to be focused and not vast, otherwise people won’t find each other to fight. :wink: If you want PvP without warp disruption modules, you can fight in an ESS bubble.

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No, what I personally want is an expansive environment to explore. It wouldn’t necessarily need to be on a planet, but I think the planets are a good source of thematic fuel for it.

Eve has a bit of an issue where it’s functionally a series of small rooms players teleport between. That removes a lot of the fun terrestrial mmos have, where a player can have experiences during the travel phase rather than only at the destination.

A similar thing could be done with asteroid belts. Make them true rings around the stars and planets and make people actually search for their goodies. (Like what players in some of the other popular space sims do.)

I focused my comments on the suspect flag, because that’s what the op’s topic was about: pvp areas in highsec. And imo, it thematically makes sense for the empires to not want unauthorized warships in close orbit of their populated centers.

Also… I’d love highsec ess to be a thing.

Imo not everything has to be a big idea its ok to add small things and build the game up step by step. You can argue thats better because small steps are less risky and what not and overtime you end up with a solid game. But thats besides the point.

Adding missions like this to the mission pool will require the player to make more decisions when mission running instead of blindly accepting one after the other? I mean this may come as a shock but the missions are offers. Players dont have to accept the ones they dont like. And some wont like this new type, but others will like them very much. Its just slightly more gameplay for lack of a better term.

All the thrilling, pulse pounding gameplay addition of having a second set of missions that im going to hit no for. We sell you the whole seat but youll only need the edge.

If you hit no thats on you, if you hit yes, and do the mission, i guarantee you it will be more exciting than the others due to the increased risk and reward. But to each their own

I hear that a lot in these suggestions but I just dont really buy it. If I want risk and reward I have more than ample opportunity elsewhere. If i want to sit in my bling boat mission runner, im not really looking for that kind of risk.

Thats because as it stands today the risk is black and white. You are either in risk or not. This idea presents a middle ground, and even the ones who decided to mission as safe as possible they will eventually be tempted to try a mission like this when it presents itself. If not, good on them? And thats about as much time i will spend on this idea. No-one important is reading these forums any way and even if they were why should they implement something a pleb came up with? psh

I wouldn’t add missions that force you to suspect flag to the existing mission pool. Personally I think anti-empire missions should be removed from the general mission pool too, and given to specific mission agents. Missions that force a suspect flag would be the same.

As I said before, you could still use the new locations without getting flagged. Authorized governmental agents would give missions that don’t flag you even if you’re in one of those locations.

But in the case of planetary pois, they would be static, and thus unauthorized people would get flagged. It’s also a possibility to run a smuggling operation for pi or running logistics for the new shooter, bipassing the customs office. You’d get sus flagged, but it might be worth the risk for some.

IMO abyssal dead space should be invadable instead of what we have now with people waiting at the entry point to gank whatever comes out.

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