So, what about the Blood Raider Shipyards?

(Indahmawar Fazmarai) #1

After the first two of them went down with a fizzle, there hasn’t been further news on the matter. I wonder, does anyone know whether a third (or subsequent) Blood Raider Shipyard has been found, reinforced and blown?

I mean… are them being used at all?

(Do Little) #2

I suspect that they are but the June patch brought a change that makes it less likely anyone will bother to contest them - the blueprint is now dropped in an armored cache that can only be opened in a station (or citadel) and needs an industrial size cargo hold to transport.

The Imperium is probably harvesting them with their usual efficiency and no one else is bothering to show up because there is no realistic chance to steal the loot.

(Xuixien) #3

No one cares about them as they are no longer a content generator. Goons cried about clever players being able to steal their PvE loots and CCP made it “safer”. Now it’s another boring snoozefest and nobody talks about it or bothers with it.

(Chan'aar) #4

I have to say making the drop into an “armoured cache” is the most un-Eve-like thing I have ever heard of.

(Xuixien) #5

Seriously. What’s next, loot drops directly to your cargobay?

(Chan'aar) #6

Perhaps it would be safer if it went directly to your home station? That would safest right?

(Xuixien) #7

This is a good idea. Next, disallow targeting other players in High Security.

(Tipa Riot) #8

As expected …

(Do Little) #9

One of my market ALTs is running the SOE Epic arc today for standing. They’ve made some changes and mission objectives are in fact now dropping directly into my cargobay!

(Nicola Arman) #10

That makes me sad…

(Mina Sebiestar) #11

Damn army of carebears isnt enough CCP needs to deliver them loot …wow i guess HTFU only apply to alphas when their loot is stolen but not certain groups…business as usual.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #13

being able to yoink it in an insta warping bubble immune ceptor isn’t really a great system either.

(Indahmawar Fazmarai) #14

Thaks for the answers, I suspected that they had failed and that appears to be the case. I hope CCP learns some lesson about this, like “good coding ≠ good game”.

(Tipa Riot) #15

CCP did not yet fully realize that only a small minority of the players do PvE for fun over a longer period of time. For the rest it’s just novelty first, then “exploitability” … and finally “farmability” better than other things. Else it keeps a niche thing ignored by most.

(Linus Gorp) #16

It applies to everyone but CCP’s favorite RMT cartel.

(Nora Maldoran) #17

Which is very sad. :confused:
No more “Grand Theft Blueprints”.

Does anyone know the exact volume (or a source to look at it) of the item? I have the crazy Idea to fly a Blockade Runner into Deklein…

(StonerPhReaK) #18

I dont know what makes me sadder now. The fact that they are done with throngs of punishers. The way goons (of all alliances) are acting over the loot mechanics. Or the fact that they only spawn in one area of space. (coincidentally)

Im starting to realize why i have more fun on the forum than in-game. Thats just sad.

(Chan'aar) #19

Maybe not, but it is very Eve.

How does that song go again?

(Black Pedro) #20

Nah. I am all for messing with they other guy, but the loot going to whichever nullified interceptor could click the fastest was completely lame.

You still can try to ninja the loot from the primary fleet, but you aren’t going to be doing it no risk, evasion specialists like interceptors. You’ll need to HTFU and do it in something with a larger cargo hold that you will have to defend to get away.

That seems like a better design to get people fighting over the loot to me.

(Mina Sebiestar) #21

No what it means your ceptors are bad and dude that got thru goon carebear fleet and managed to get the loot should.

You know like everywhere else in eve all the can drops including incursion low sec mothership site where you need to run for days dodging all basement warriors fight thru site kill the mothership and defend the sasnsha capital BPO that drops once in a blue moon from that same interceptor.

but no one was crying hard enough and have CCP pals to help out…yeah.