Blood Raiders... Strange New Activity.... CCP refuses to say anything

Ever since Blood Raiders first appeared in eve I have been hunting them in one way or another. I have of course done my fair share of soloing FOBs killing and looting blood raider haulers and their miners. I would say that I am experienced enough in their actions and activities. However this is NEW.

This is about an activity I call hunt the blood hauler.
The play is to probe down the blood mining fleet, wait for the blood raider hauler to appear, warp to it so it leaves, probe it down again and then kill It; hope to get a loot box and then kill and loot the mining fleet too. The wait for the defense group to warp off and loot the miner wrecks.

Now I have done this a hell of a lot of times in high sec.
So after killing and looting the hauler I then kill all the blood miners and leave the site. I come back in a cloaked ship.
I wait in a cloaked ship until the blood raider defense fleet warps off then jump back to reship to either a porpoise or an orca and loot all the remaining cans. Usually safe in the knowledge that as there is no blood raiders or miners at the location i can take my time and get all the loot.

Well now something has changed out there

I warped into the location in my porpoise after reshipping from my cloaked watcher ship. I dropped a MTU and started collecting the loot. Suddenly a blood raider defense fleet appeared!!! There were no blood raider miner ships there just wrecks; I was not near any mining sites just in deep space. In the hundreds of times I have done this activity this change in behavior was a first for me!

Well consequentially I lost my porpoise ( very nearly made it out too)

But this behavior is new to me and I have done this 100`s of times. So my question is why did this particular defense fleet appear when there was nothing to defend nor draw it to this empty part of space? Does this mean that blood raider systems are now ultra dangerous in that a blood defense fleet can warp to any part of space in the system right on top of players and kill them?

I submitted a bug report in July of 2022 about this chased it again about every 3-4 months and then ccp just recently closed the report.

There was zero feedback despite me adding Please do let me know.......and no Its a feature answers because this is new and undocumented highly dangerous behavior by rats in high sec

I contacted CCP and asked to complain about this and the best they could suggest was posting it on the forums.

Well CCP what is the answer here?

Equally why should I pay good money for totally unprofessional service?

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Early respawn?

Maybe CCP finally attempted to fix the exploiting this party content by solo players?

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what do you know in eve that respawns a defense fleet randomly in space without either an event or a mission?

killing things in eve for profit is not yet an exploit as far as i know

From the very start both the FOBs and the mining fleets were designed as a content for small groups. CCP were battling the solo players abusing the gaps in AI for some time (I lost blinged Nestor thanks to that myself), but eventually they just stopped caring when they settled for a balance where FOB needs at least 2 ships. They never managed to stop the abuse of the mining fleet or maybe they didn’t even try.

Eitherway. Content evolves. If developers decide that your method of completing the content is too cheesy, easy or exploity then they can change it.

And despite you pay money you are not entitled to get the information about when such content changes and how. Just :rofl: .

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if what you say is true and i do not believe that it is. You seem to think that all of this is some sort of exploit or abuse which it is not! Equally I can complete fobs solo even now so CCP have not changed anything to do with FOBs so you can only use 2 ships. Your mistake was using a nestor (I lost a few doing the research) What has changed is that it is better to farm FOBs rather than just blow them to hell and whilst that is becoming a fleet thing all i see is single players popping them with multi alt fleets. Why is better to farm them you may ask.....its because you get more isk out of a fob if you farm it rather than killing it. However if you actually read what I am asking it relates to possible changes in defense fleet actions making FOB systems really dangerous for everyone. Finally from a mining perspective killing the hauler fixes the miner fleet so it can be avoided then you kill the punisher fleet down to 1 ship and you can safely mine a fob system until the dt reset… the release of information in eve as a result of changes is not secret. When changes do occur to gameplay ccp has always told us unless they are unintentional hence the bug reporting system. I am sorry you lost your blingy nestor but to be honest you decided to use the wrong ship and yes I lost a lot of battleships testing until i realized it was the wrong type.

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oh and one other thing. Why if this IS unintentional play would the CCP loot fairy put a loot box in the hauler???

Yeah nothing is exploit and nothing is pay to win. I have discussed with players like you to know it is impossible to change your mind.

And CCP won’t engage in this discussion, at from what I seen before they will refuse to mark anything “new” as an exploit probably because they lacks the means to handle it. (I mean, why the hell the officially described exploits by CCP are still not fixed?)

As a game developer myself, amateurish to be honest, this strategy of yours (which most ppls are doing now as one guy figured it out and told others or others copied it) is a clear exploit. Obviously I don’t think CCP ever speficially stated “this is content for 5 players”, but everything about it looked that way from brand new AI to different spawns based on party size. If that content is then soloed (ie. single ship, not multiboxing - that is obviously fine when it is promoted by CCP), it is a bad design. And if that content is soloed in a way where you don’t even kill the defending NPCs at all and you let them despawn, then that is an exploit.

There is so much wrong with this content, but this was imo the worst. If CCP started doing something against it, then I finally can applaud them.

And no, you are not entitled to know when CCP changes loot tables, AI behavior, spawn rates or anything. They are free to do it anytime without any announcement. Be glad you lost just crappy Poirpoise, last time CCP did this I lost 3b Nestor as I tried with my friend to exploit FOBs with them the way it has been done for 3 months since release, but they just changed it that day :smiley: .

If you want static content that doesn’t change you should be playing singleplayer and not MMO.

I read this and i am left thinking what is a mmo where you cannot pull it apart, find the best way of defeating it, and then use the knowledge gained! Everyone in eve does this every single day and if you do not you die. There is no exploit here, there never was nor will there ever be. The people you speak of I know…I was there. FYI my play style is not based on any one single thing. Something I have learned about ccp is that they cannot be trusted to ensure your isk generation idea will never be changed. But again read my original submission. It IS about has ccp changed blood raider FOB defense fleet (npc )behavior either intentionally or unintentionally that has made fob systems more dangerous AND not advised players that this has happened. Based on the reality of the situation they have. It is a simple yes or no answer from ccp…but i got nothing they just closed the report. You on the other hand seem want to discuss the in and outs or otherwise of fob tackling/killing in general and if I don`t bring 4 other ships with me it is an exploit! OMG talk about it being impossible to change your mind…

Your entitlement knows no bounds. It is disgusting.

Ranting is useless. CCP decided to change the content and you have only two options.

  1. Adapt and move on.
  2. Ragequit!

awe you know this game teaches you adaptation. right? As for ranting nah that is not ranting. All I want is answers so far all I have got is you whining and now advice from the guy whining that it is an exploit. Apparently I am also entitled and disgusting. Have you ever thought about changing from eve to minecraft? it maybe more suitable to your needs.

:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

I am not the one ranting here about CCP making changes to the game.

Maybe follow your own advice?

Yeah, I’m thinking they probably did a stealth change on the game mechanics for the Blood Raider Response Fleet.


Because CCP is the biggest griefer in the game and they get their jollies from reading NPC KM’s.

I honestly do not mind if they did that. What I cannot stand is when you ask ccp the question WTF is going on here all they do is ignore it…If they changed it intentionally or unintentionally ccp need to say something has or has not changed!

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you’re being misleading ; wasn’t some random empty space . it was their warp-out point that you probed . while you describe the usual events , not the particular circumstances in this one case . you don’t tell us the defense fleet was spawned when you warped in to their safe , nor do you describe killing the tackle .

i conclude there was no defense fleet when you killed the miners . they did not arrive until after the miners , which is normal behavior , although an unusually long delay .

as you have such experience , you should have realized this abnormal behavior and been alert for the defense fleet , which had yet to spawn .

curious if you’ve had this happen again since then , and if there’s other factors we dont know of that affect the defense fleet’s response time …

i conclude there was no defense fleet when you killed the miners . they did not arrive until after the miners , which is normal behavior , although an unusually long delay .

as you have such experience , you should have realized this abnormal behavior and been alert for the defense fleet , which had yet to spawn .
Sometimes there is erratic behavior by the spawning defense fleets when 2 FOBs appear in the same system (but not a factor in this case) but there is always a defense fleet that spawn eventually… In this case the defense fleet was there and I was watching for it to leave, There was just empty space except for the wrecks . Another defense fleet warped back in when I arrived back (time wise <1 minutes after arrival). It was about 3 minutes before I got back (4 jumps plus a reship time wise) in my Porpoise.

oh and yes I have killed a few haulers since but not killed and looted the miner wrecks. i was awaiting ccps answer to my bug report

oh and one other thing I do not have to kill any of the defense fleet. But they are on grid throughout the process.

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