Blood Raiders/ New AI in .5 systems

As many of you know the Blood Raiders and Blood Raider’s FOB have come to .5 systems this patch. I have some questions about them.

  1. Will the Blood Raiders attack unprovoked if you find them in a belt or by POSs? I am getting unconfirmed reports that they Blood Raiders are attacking mining ships unprovoked.
  2. If the FOB is killed will the Blood Raiders leave the system?
  3. If we don’t kill the FOB what happens?
  4. Why are the Blood Raider so hard to kill but their bounties are so very low?
  5. Any ideas on ships, fits, or information to kill this FOB or deal with the Blood Raider more effectively?

Thank you

  1. Yes, if you have bad standing with them.
  2. Yes, at least temporarily but it may respawn at a future date.
  3. It will despawn… eventually. The time frame is unknown.
  4. To make your life interesting. Sometimes, keeping your stuff and space is the reason to fight, not trinkets.
  5. No. Figure it out for yourself. The FOBs are not on SiSi exactly for this reason. Just get out there and see what you can do.

They’re Blood Raiders. It’d be strange if they didn’t attack unprovoked.

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It has been my experience since the patch on the 13th of this month that even totally standing neutral characters arriving on grid with a mining team will provoke an aggressive response … ie the miners will warp out and a response fleet will land and try and kill your ship and pod.

Well, they do love blood after all.

I suggest everyone keep their distance at all times, if at all possible.

If they are red in your overview they are hostile and will attack regardless of standing.

There is a thread in the PVE section of the forums. Not sure how you missed it!

They will despawn after a couple of weeks in my experience - or maybe someone killed the FOB in my system while I wasn’t looking.

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It most effective information to date on the forums. Best way to down a FOB currently is 5 attack BS of any kind requiring minumum 5k dps on them all,
Along at 3 nestor reppers, youll need at least 90%resists on em/therm
And all npc ships will focus one guy at a time, and even with the 90% resists they’ll pump out 6.5k dps on who ever is focus.

Focus the FOB jumpdrive when done and warp off, they do not despawn till awhile after you down the fob.

Wish I could fine source material

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If you guys need protection during your ops you can always throw me a pm, I’ll gladly come help out, for a price of course.

I assume you refer to this thread:

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Yes this one, thank you

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