NPC Faction standing and behaviour

Ok i guess attacking all the blood raiders was not very wise as a miner with my drones. Today i lost my Skiff and it was very quick. They came very fast and had propably 10 ships. I could not warp. Now is this only due to me attacking them or does this numerous attack come from time to time?

The system probably had a Pirate Stronghold FOB (Forward Operating Base) in it. You can view FOB locations in the Agency.

Best check the Agency first before undocking. Here’s some info about the FOB’s.


“Diamond Rats”

Two reasons that Blood Raiders would attack you - and we are talking about the ones with the diamond before their names.

Firstly: because you attacked them, or
Secondly, because you have bad standings (-5 or worse I think).

These aren’t like the normal “line up and be shot” rats, these are the better AI that flies much more like a Capsuleer (player) fleet with a mix of tackle, DPS and logistics. The response fleet summonsed to deal with you is in proportion to the threat.

As @DeMichael_Crimson has said they are more common in systems with a pirate forward operating base in it, or in a nearby system.

Seeing one appear in a belt and going “oh, rat, easy kill…” And not realising that vengeance will fall on you is a nasty lesson.

Dangerous of you don’t keep alert.


I have -0.11 standing with Blood Raiders. Was going from a warp directly to atseroid field and there was suddenly this massive presence of them - mining frigates and different types of fighters. Quickly warped away (well “quickly” with a Skiff - had a bit of luck) warped to another asteroid field and in a while they attacked me…


Diamond rats you can make friends with at 2+ faction standing. The regular rats will never be your friends. Because…they don’t like people that they like. Or something like that.

Look it is a flawed system. The hope is someday it gets fixed.

Edit: I should add they seem to be testing a fix with how the EDENCOM and Triglavians standings work. So fingers crossed!


I’m -8.4 to Blood Raiders. I can warp in 100km from a belt with a single diamond Venture in it and he’ll call in a response fleet. And that’s how I lost a Hecate…

Quite surprised they were quite so aggressive to you with a -0.1 standing: you might have just warped into the aftermath of them attacking some other victim and been unlucky. Of course, just taking a pop at one of them will lead to a savage response regardless of standing.

I commend you for flying a Skiff - caution over greed -
but it isn’t going to help much if you go and yank the tiger’s tail.


You could keep a flight of EC-300’s in your drone bay. You won’t have alot of time but if you can identify the ship that has you pointed you just might be able to jam him and warp out.

Not a bad idea to keep EC drones in your industrial ships too.

Check your Agency–>Encounters–>Pirate Strongholds for FOBs in your area.


OK its now official, It was a Pirate FOB that i flew directly into :slight_smile: So not much of a chance even with a Skiff