Blood raiders spawn without FOB?

Currently the system i am in low sec 0.4
We have heavy blood raiders infestation, but i wasn’t able to find any FOB around.
The NPC manage to take down structures to hull timer.
Is it normal? when will they go away?
there isn’t and FOB within 5 jumps

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FOB - forward operating base?

I’m returning to Eve so well behind the curve and can’t answer your question, but I’m interested in the subject since getting NPC stomped by Blood Raiders in a 0.7 system. Warped into a belt - saw some enemy mining barges. They warped out and then I had around 15+ enemies drop in on me - scramble - dampen etc and they nuked me in around 45 seconds. In a 0.7 system!

I was left wondering wth!???

So I take it from your post that NPCs can push into high sec aggressively and set up bases now and that my roflstomp experience was because I walked into that?

Someone in the system was complaining that their citadel was getting nuked as well - asking questions about whether pirate bases would despawn.

So I’m left wondering about these mechanics. Do I have this right?? NPC Pirates can dump anywhere and obliterate players - who get no support from Concord (why???). Presumably you can get a gang together and attack the FOB to run them out of town?

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Yeah, that’s pretty much how CCP set it up.

For mining I suggest doing Ore Anomaly sites, only regular belt rats will occasionally spawn there.

There’s been a couple threads posted about FOB’s with tips on how to get rid of them.

Anyway, here’s some Uniwiki info about them:


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