Mass raiders unfair tactics

Okay I am getting rather annoyed at losing my miner barges to mass raiders spawning at medium high sec’s typically at 0.6 and 0.5 space area’s … First a whole bunch of venture’s arrive around 6 to 8 then before I can prep to warp away they start disappearing and replaced by inquiators, crusadors, and other assorted blood raiders am immediately hit with warp jamming and get pounded to death 3 times this has happened in the last week … No chance of escape and lose a valuable procurer costs of raplacement runs in about 180 Mil ISK included in loss of time to rebuild another loss of revenue as well… I can only assume this is yet again part of that horrible patch to make miners/manufactures a nightmare… Whats with this about miners and manufactors that CCP don’t like ? You will only serve to lose players therefore lose your income from the game… I personally am not going to go make myself a target for your PvP whores but now it seems your intent to drive us out of high sec area’s too …

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These “mining response fleets” only appear when there is an NPC forward operating base (FOB) in your system. This is a relatively old addition to the game and has nothing to do with the recent changes.

Your only options are to scan down and destroy this FOB (you effectively cannot do it solo), or go and mine in another system until someone else destroys it.

These FOB randomly spawn and show up on the Agency. There are players who specialise in taking them down, but you might just have to wait.

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But why though?

Some people like it, but mining kind of sucks. Have you thought about other careers?

Might want to join a mining group so that you can gain access to boosts and their community knowledge.

Your intitled to your opinion but for me mining and producing things to sell does not suck its the way I wish to play without worrying about losing everything to PvP whores because they think its fun to ruin others game play… I do not want another career am not here to ruin other peoples day am very passive ploayer and nothing will change that…

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The content you are experiencing right now are NPC Mining Operations,
you can find them all over known space in form of a farming ventures, retrievers and skiffs.
Those are usually neutral or friendly (depends on standings) but from time to time in HS a Forvard Operation Base can spawn.
Those FOBs are content on their own but also spawn NPC Mining Operations ships thats belongs to the corporations of the FOBs. In this case you can find Blood Raiders and Guristas in highsec (and angels cuz of the way the ops spawn).

If you have negative standing towards Pirate corps then when a venture (or any other) fleet warp to asteroid belt and see you they instantly call reinforcement fleet which is designed to wreck anything hostile on the spot.

Its not a part of last patch, its has been in game for more then 3 years now.

Ways to deal with it ? Kill the mining fleet, kill the fob, trigger the fleet and warp off but they will come back in 30 mins anyway. You also can change the system, stay aligned and so on.
And because a standard response fleet has only 2 warp disruptor points you can always stay on Mobile Depot and fit warp stabs when fleet jumps on you so you can warp off, or have you tried using mobile micro jump unit to send you 100km away when needed ?

I hope this content is only a little hiccup in yours miner/industry career, stay positive :slight_smile:


By all means, if that’s your jam, go for it.

I guess I just like making sure that people actually like mining, and aren’t just doing it because it’s one of the first activities they got exposed to. After all, the game tends to funnel people into mining (with things like the career agents). And mining barge was the most extracted skill a year after skill injectors were introduced.

Also, mining does kind of suck. Lol. It’s like hearing someone say that they like McDonald’s. Naturally, we’re all entitled to our own opinions, and I just need to accept the fact that you are a garbage person with garbage tastes :slight_smile:

And yes, I’m kidding. I don’t like mining, but miners tend to be a friendly lot.

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I’m not sure if you are calling me out for using a logical fallcy, but I was talking about subject tastes. Moreover, and this is critical, I was just doing something which we humans refer to as “fukcing around.”


You are always missing the point, as usual. Usually people don’t want to argue trivialities ad infinitum, so using the “I’m entitled to my opinion” is a perfectly valid excuse to avoid / stop arguing about nuances. Especially when referring to qualitative discussions.

A: “I like pop”
B: “Well, pop sucks”
A: “Well, I like it and I’m entitled to my opinion” rather than starting a lengthy conversation about the qualities of pop and why they like it.

But it’s natural to see you post something like this. I remember you from your hundreds of posts in the broker system change thread - you just couldn’t let it go and you had to “battle” everyone’s opinion - even to the tiniest little detail. And I recall you felt you had to keep going on, no matter how little you knew about the subject or how you were explained you lacked basic knowledge. You just had to continue on and on and on.
So Im not surprised seeing your post about “a logical fallacy”.

Oh…you’re one of those people who thinks players should not play the game how they want to…ok…
Well…you have been told exactly what your issue is…and that the situation is hardly new…maybe somebody will tell you an easy way to find them and your options for dealing with them.

As for me, I will give you something else now:

You are not serious about mining anyway. A serious miner would fly a Hulk or at least a Mackinaw.

and @Anderson_Geten …you are entitled to your opinion… :wink:

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Does still apply.

And no, not calling you out for using a logical fallacy, the important point was “naturally”, which is wrong. People are only entitled to their opinion when they are not arguing, which is far from “natural” especially in those forums.

Also you were just answering to someone else who posted this :

  1. What are you doing spending 180mil on a Procurer? The fits that I use (depending on whether I’m mining ore, ice, or mercoxit, and whether or not the pilot can use mining crystals) are all under 70.
  2. Have you considered either mining in a system without a FOB? Have you considered taking a couple of Nestors and clearing the FOB?
  3. FOBs have been in the game for years. If you’ve spent more than a tiny amount of that time in High-Sec, you should have figured out how to deal with them by now. It is within my discretion to interpret this sort of post as a violation of the New Halaima Code of Conduct.

Okay dispite checking the system before going to any astriod belt for any sign of blood raids bases, refuges, hideaways etc… The system scan was blank nothing out there not even a cosmic signature or wormhole or any other annominally…

I entered a astoriod field and immediately on approach there were 6 venturers and about 8 punishers, 2 executioners as well… Luckily I got out as soon as the warp stopped and triggered another warp to point … So what people said above about being aware of these so called frontline base of operation in the near location is totally incorrect … There were none, not a single entry on the agency either in that star system… Hence this is more likely a random spawn, but why I ask so heavy that no single player would have a chance !

No, you just don’t know what you’re doing. FOBs have been around for years, so you should try learning what they are.

First off, it’s not random. You can read about it here:

Second, it’s intended to be an encounter the requires players to coordinate in fleets together to take it down because it actually provides very lucrative rewards. It’s not intended to be completed by a single player because CCP has deemed the rewards valuable enough to warrant a greater challenge.

FOB (forward operating bases) are not anomalies, which means they do not show up on D-Scan. To find them, in order to later attack them, you have to actively scan them down using probes from a launcher.

The Agency can unfortunately be a little difficult to use. If you look under “Exploration”, you will find “Combat Anomalies”. But, because FOB are technically not anomalies, they are not included in this section.

You have to look under “Encounters” instead. There you will find “Pirate Strongholds”. This is what an FOB is and this is how you find out in advance if there are any in your system.

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Why don’t you join a big null alliance, and you can mine the hell out of yourself in relative peace with boosts?

umm, no.
A serious miner would use a Procurer, Skiff, Endurance, Prospect or Venture (this last one for Gas huffing only).
Using a Hulk or a Mackinaw is just begging to get ganked. Speaking as an occasional, opportunistic ganker, if I see a Hulk or Mackinaw, the red mist will descend and I will hurl some Catalysts or Thrashers at you. I see a Procurer or a Skiff, I’m like “meh. next system”.

This is EVE my friend. You expicitly consent to getting shot at by other players, in ALL regions of space, by hitting the Undock button.

If you wish to not get ganked, then keep on keeping on in that Procurer or upgrade to a Skiff.

People argue because of their held opinion.

Oh my goodness! That would be just terrible!

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Prove it ?
You can argue for several reasons. Trying to optimize a pattern is one, and there is no need to hold opinions in that case.

edit : my b I was confused by argue/discuss