Destroying abandoned ships

So abandoned ships are tied to the previous pilot? Or the player who purchased the ship? How does zkill assign the kills for abandoned ships?

Last person to sit in them. I know, because I once got a lossmail while I was flying around in space. I was really confused till I realized that it was for a ship that I abandoned because I was too lazy to fly it home (I ejected and self-destructed my pod).

If you eject from your ship, your name will still be on the ship and if someone destroys it you get a killmail.

If ships from your ship maintenance bay or your inventory in a structure drop because the carrying ship or structure is blown up, those ships will also have your name.

You can rightclick those ships in space to see the owner, even if the owner isn’t in space or logged in, and that name will also be the name that will be on the killmail if you destroy it.

Zkillboard is just a place where people can (automatically) upload those killmails.

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If you blow them up will concord help you out of your ship and into your pod?

I guess they would if you do so in high sec, unless shooting an unpiloted ship is somehow not a criminal act there.

The only times I found (and blew up) unmanned ships was outside CONCORD-patrolled space so I cannot say for sure.

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