Kill mail removed from certain cases

I would like to see “kill mail” removed from kills that had CONCORD react to them.

This will reduce grief for the sake of kill mails, and hopefully boost the player base which is crumbling:

In other words, for clarity sakes: When someone is attacked in Empire space, and CONCORD comes to the rescue, then no kill mails are generated at all.

Thanks to feedback an update to the idea occurred:
To prevent victim from not knowing who struck its ship, only the victim would receive a kill mail.

The aggressor would not receive a kill mail. Hence these CONCORD illegal kills would not get counted on kill boards. As an effect the aggressor could then not use its kill board count to an end. You want a kill count then go to war. Don’t wreck and grief the other player bases.

As for proof. It is in the pudding. You play for long enough and you begin to see the proof.


Calm down, miner.


“Grief for the sake of killmails” is drawing a very long bow. That doesn’t seem like a problem at all, especially in comparison to other issues that are quite clearly affecting login numbers (eg. scarcity).



Here is a forum post that talks about rookie grief, or grieving rookies.
Now, it is not exactly like my idea, but it is in the same ballpark.

High sec ganking has been a thing since day 1, for 18 years now. And yet here we still are. It hasn’t killed off EVE yet, and won’t…


I respectfully disagree, but if you would like to draw up more examples then please do.
It was meant to be drawn long, as an abstract concept meant to quantify many scenarios of grief in Empire space.

No it hasn’t. Now suffice to say we can’t prove that except to demonstrate our emotions squandered upon googled facts. Explain the slope in my picture. Thanks for the bump.

Here is a forum post calling out for help regarding ganking being out of control. It is similar to my post, but we are not in the same ballpark.

My personal theory about the declining login count is that graduation happened almost two months ago and the students that would otherwise be playing Eve are finding jobs instead.

Yes, or massive heatwaves preventing gear from being powered on, or relaxation of pandemic restrictions, so people are finally getting to go outside.

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In both cases they are just words on the page, with no justification other than an “I think, therefore it must be”. Where is the actual argument, backed by something we can all see? Where’s the collection and analysis of any data whatsoever? Where is anything that shows that what you think is actually the case?

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I am not going to defend the other post owner, but what I can say for the both of us is that
it is quite simple, anyone that has played EVE for long enough knows that this is an issue.

I’ve been playing since 2004 and am yet to see anyone provide an argument supported by anything other than “I think”.

It boils down to nothing more than opinion; which is no better than the counter position that there is no issue. In the absence of an evidence based argument, arguing from a position of authority that you somehow have secret knowledge as a veteran, is ridiculous, because it’s easy to show other veterans that don’t agree with you.

Surely you’ve got something better then that?

Why do you think it would reduce grief? Do you think ganking happens because of kill mails?

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I am not going to defend the other post owner.
You expect anyone to fund a research team to dive into kill boards and dig up evidence. The only evidence needed is your obvious investment in countering my posted idea.
Good day sir.

  1. Reduces the number of kills.
  2. Not not all of them.

Why would it reduce the number of kills?

People kill ships to kill ships. Either because they enjoy blowing up ships, because they want to kill for profit, want to kill to practice killing for profit, want to kill because nothing profitable passed by or just want to make high sec a more dangerous place.

Why do you think less ganking would happen when kill mails are removed?

Next, why do you think the player base is boosted when kill mails are removed? Why do you think the player base is boosted when less ganking happens?

So many assumptions…


Gerard Amatin

  1. lack of proof
  2. lack of proof to show off
  3. not all the kill mails are being removed in my post suggestion.
  4. less grief and rage quitting

So, you think newbies are rage quitting because there is a record of them being killed? That’s all this is about? Just so new players won’t have their killmails posted on ZKill for everyone to see?