Eve online is way too unforgiving for new players

I’d rather gouge my own eyes out than mine in some shitfit destroyer and jetcan literally every miner cycle. If you fit 4 compact mining lasers on a cata, you’ve already maxed out your CPU and you still mine less than a venture with an MLU. And if you’re jetcanning you can get your ore stolen as well.

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haha yea. i mined for like 2 months in a nereus because of this :expressionless:

I also thought looting and salvaging were the same thing. so I lost missed out on a lot of salvage…

A new specs tab you say? When you rightclick a ship and look at attributes, you can see all those stats.

Or if you want to compare multiple modules or ships, I think the ingame ‘compare’ tool will do nicely.

Also that sensor stat you’re wondering about, you can lower it as downside of equipping a cloak or warp core stabilizers. With lower sensor strength it takes longer to lock a target before you can start shooting it. Preferably you want it not to be lower, and in case you want to lock faster you could equip sensor boosters or signal amplifiers.

actually you cant, when prepping an idea for a build you need to view everything, including turret/launchers, # of slots per type, the 2-3 pages worth in specs(default height). sure sure, you can fill your screen with a sim fit, and poke it with mods to see what works for you, but for the quicker view, its quite inefficient. do i expect integrated comparison when simply looking at the specs of C/BC/BS while in a des, no.

good thing im alpha, i dont have to think about those cloaks(i looked last night didnt see one non-omega mod)… or bad thing because people swear by the ninja way of life<_<

Everything? Like all of these things?

It shows everything that’s different between the two ships and you can select which things you want to focus on.

The only thing it doesn’t show is the bonuses of each ship, but you can easily figure those out for yourself. If you want to compare all the different stats between two ships, the compare tool is perfect.

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What really killed the game was when CCP removed the penalties, skill loss, for getting posted, except if you fly a T3 Strat Cruiser along with adding skill injectors that can rapidly replace lost skills.

If CPP WENT back to the old penalty system for losing a ship, losses in skill points, and limited the use of skill injectors based on your status with the local NPC’s and overall Security Status, Ganking would level out and allow new players to enjoy more of the game, the way the game was enjoyable when it first came out. Instead of being a dump server for those gamers who come looking to vroom vroom their toy car into the camp fire and then ask for more allowance to replace their car.

Eve Online is not a join and smack around other players with cheap ships. That is not even a video game.

Wow, you’ve not only thrown out the baby, you’ve kept the bathwater and decided to drink it as well.

Once again, top minds of anti-ganking have come out with a solution that impacts literally everyone in the game more than the gankers. I mean, it takes very little SP to fly a gankalyst with t1 guns. It’s like an hour of training to get one tops. I don’t need to do squat with injectors for that kind of training time. And in highsec it’s quite easy to save your pod, so unless you make losing a SHIP induce SP loss (which is even more moronic) the gankers will be almost completely unaffected.

Messing with skill injectors based on your faction standings is equally as stupid, since there’s a perfectly good reason to be hostile to a faction but have done nothing “illegal.”

In conclusion, you are clueless, never suggest anything regarding ganking balance again pls tia.


I hate to be the one to say this but… Isn’t 10 million isk per year far more economical? Plus it avoids having to enter the dubious realm of breaking standard game mechanics for real cash.

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If your sole goal is to maximize short-term revenue, then yeah that sounds good. Of course, you’d be tearing out the soul of Eve and turning it into a shitty pay2win game, but in the short term you will earn more money.

How much $$$ will it cost me to instantly destroy the 1dq keep btw? If we’re going to go pay2win might as well go big.


Ok, and then you thought because you don’t want to deal with this gankers attaking your ORCA, because it is incinvenient for you, you come to the forums and create a fictisious argument about new players being under siege of those gankers?

Makes sense, because of how the other players react if they feel new players are discurraged to play the game. Why not use this fact to get rid of an inconvenience that has repeatedly shown to be an issue mainly for older players not paying attention or getting too overconfident when hauling their riches and therefore presenting a valuable target for pirates.

Such brave. Much selfless, Wow!

It’s not a binary argument, his inconvenience vrs the impact of ganking on new players.

His inconvenience is a fact. The impact on new players however is a myth.

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I suggested removing kill mail from cases where CONCORD reacted. It may discourage illegal kills in Empire space, and result in less pressure on rookies.

I’ll link this here to the source I am talking about,
and I’ll link a link to here from there ^^

I’m going to ask this seriously, but what evidence do you (or does anyone, for that matter) have that there is a sizable population hunting rookies deliberately to show off the killmails?

No one cares about a killmail generated from your 2 million ISK, poorly fitted, newbie ship…

Why do you think removal of killmails discourages illegal kills?
Why do you think there is pressure on rookies because of kill mails?
Why do you think there should be less pressure on rookies?

You already asked me these questions on the other forum post. At least the reasonable ones.
You are asking me to defend the post owner on this post which I will not do.

Qia Kare

I’m going to ask this seriously, but what evidence do you (or does anyone, for that matter) have that there is a sizable population hunting rookies deliberately to show off the killmails?

It is based on what we have seen and experienced as players. You really expect us to hire a research team to dive into kill boards, when we have seen this for ourselves. No, that is for CCP todo if and when they see this a threat to EVE’s future.

There is definitely something wrong with the player base and it needs to be fixed:

There’s no denying that the graph indicates a problem, supposing the ones that dropped out are legitimate players, not bots or afk’ers. Using that as a bandwagon to make claims about certain - and in this case 18 year old - game features is a bit transparent. Especially if that obvious drop in PCU coincides with changes that ccp made to the game - not with changes they did NOT make to the game.