Being destroyed without losing any hull or armor

new player here, question. How do you get destroyed without losing any hull or armor and only half of your shields. i was mining in a venture when this happened

you were hit with so much firepower at once, that you just didn’t see your armor or hull go poof.

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well thats 30 dollars a month i wont be spending on this game (2 accounts) i enjoy the pve aspect of the game, but then you get ********** that come in and ruin it for new players.

this is a pvp game. while you may want to pve, others want to do pvp… there is no way to do one without the other… simple solution, don’t mine… or don’t mine afk… pay attention to what you are doing, and don’t mine in an area that is busy, use D-Scan and keep an eye out of your surroundings.

thanks for responding ill go find something different.

EVE (or any game ever) is not for everyone, thus if you don’t like what EVE is about then you made the right choice to instead seek something that appeals to you and you will have fun with. Good luck finding that game and have fun playing it. o/

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Then you have to invest some more time to find out what to do WHERE. There are numerous corners in New Eden you can happily mine around all day without being harassed, but you need some experience to find out where and when.
But if you don’t have fun in learning and finding out, indeed EVE may be the wrong game for you.

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No Eve is DEFINATELY the wrong game for him. If he cant take a cheap ship loss this early in, he should leave because it WILL happen again at some point. I will NEVER understand people that come to a game like Eve and then cry about getting hit. I mean Eve is FAMOUS for it in the mmo world lol

Have you seen the kind of advertising CCP is using lately?

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I haven’t. What are they saying now?

I think this is a kind of death that most people might wish… damage is so overwhelmingly high that your brain dies before even realise you are in danger and no chance to feel pain fear or anything at all…
when DPS is very high and if you are esp in a ship with active tank… and so little buffer… high dps overtakes and dumps you down before even you see a cycle completed .
downside of being immortal space god is you need to face your death afterwards.

I think it would be more helpful to provide constructive feedback and help them understand how to overcome similar situations again. Eve has a very steep learning curve and we can all agree that we have been there oursevles at one point.

To the OP - you should always be mindful of the system(s) you are in, even High Sec as you are never safe…always learn some basic saefty techniques such as setting up safe spot bookmarks in systems (particularly useful for low/nul sec) and if you are at an asteriod mining, make sure your ship is aligned to a station/object so you can warp (almost) instantly should someone warps close to you. As already mentioned, it was likely you were targeted and hit hard without having the chance to go into armour/hull.

You can find some low traffic high sec systems which are great for mining without too much worry but you are limited to a very small number of resources to mine - so the most important step is to join a new player friendly corp that can help provide a “safe” environment and have some fun.

I will end on the note that Eve is a harsh world and we all learn the hard way but it can be really enjoyable if you can overcome these obstacles.

Fly safe or die hard trying o7

ISD Bahamut


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