PVP or bust

I am a total newbie for EVE. Love all the graphic and all the possibilities BUT I don’t enjoy PVP at all. Is there anyway not to engage or be attacked by another human player in this game?

If not then this game, unfortunately is not for me. Back to Azeroth…

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there is: you cannot be attacked by another human player if you never undock. And even that is debatable as there is chat and market PvP available as in any other game.

EvE is a game with it’s core based on non-consensual PvP… safety comes only from your knowledge, skill, and from other players in your group, not from game mechanics.

TY for the reply.

That is unfortunate. Even thought I know I am in the minority there are people who would rather not PVP.

Back to Azeroth for me.

A lot of people are clever enough to be really active, fly all over the place, mine, trade, build, haul and never fire a shot. You just need to learn it. Join a industrial Corp and learn it from them. Being a not- shooting entity in EvE is also a totally legit and enjoyable style of gameplay here.

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Just pretend other players who shoot you are NPCs. :wink:


Yea you can avoid pvp combat if you know the game enough

not undocking means yul cannot be killed (assuming your in a NPC station ratehr than a player owned citadel), or go to the test server, whilst technially you can lose your ships there there is hardly anyone there most of the time

Are you for real, or just another alt of a ‘no-pvp’ campaigner ?


This is a pvp game and you are complaining about pvp.


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It’s a shame to see a newbie go away over something that is so much overestimated in Eve. Unless it’s venture mining there’s pretty simple rules to greatly reduce the odds of getting killed:

1} avoid having too much in cargo value in general - no 500mil loads in a t1 transport or dozens mil isk compressed ore in a venture
2) move to quieter region - it also means less competition
3} ask away how to properly tank a ship - no weird stuff like empty module slots on a tanky ship like Procurer or Skiff in mining for example
4} don’t fly something you can’t afford to lose, especially into lowsec or wormholes

Can getting killed happen? You follow these and it’s just bad luck. But more likely no death may happen for months even or longer.

It’s really simple but meanwhile a newbie gets pvp elitists crawling over his thread. There are surely means to avoid pvp, there’s this whole side of pve in the game, so excuse me, what the ■■■■ are you even doing in this forum subsection? Acting high and mighty, providing no help whatsoever where there is pretty clear help to provide? With one guy lol getting annoyed at a newbie he dares to seek side of the game that elitist denies to exist, even though it’s clearly there? This should be a bannable offense in here.

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If you are logged in doing anything you are consenting to PVP in some form so the answer is no. PVP is the heart and soul of Eve. However through learning the game mechanics you can gain skill to not die and eventually emerge victorious in whatever your doing.

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